About Whiteline

Whiteline have earned a reputation across the globe as one of the most respected manufacturers of performance suspension components, including anti-roll bar kits, sway bar kits, suspension bushing kits, lowering springs and everything else that will take your vehicle's grip and handling to the next level. From their base in Australia, every product is designed on site with the intention of delivering peerless products.

Why Should I Choose Whiteline Suspension Parts?

Australian owned with a global outlook, Whiteline's ambitious philosophy doesn’t cut a single corner. Using qualified engineers who are fully in support of the brand’s philosophy, Whiteline insist on sophisticated, tough testing techniques and data logging. With a global approach to local engineering, there’s no surprise that Whiteline have developed a leading reputation worldwide for their parts.

After production, the brand’s products are grip-tested time and again on the track to ensure unrivalled street performance. The end result of this attention to detail is the best handling outcomes achievable, for both track and street.

Our Range of Whiteline Parts

In recent years, Whiteline have developed a brand that is held in high regard for producing products that bring huge gains in vehicle balance, steering precision, grip levels, and performance. Making forward moves from the simplicity of their initial anti-sway bar, Whiteline now utilise their expertise to include a variety of suspension and chassis products to a demanding market.

Whiteline’s parts list now comprises replacement and performance polyurethane suspension bushing kits, anti-lift kits, roll adjuster kits, adjustable control arms, camber kits, lowering springs and strut and chassis bracing. Their intentions are always to unleash a vehicle’s handling potential by giving your engine the best quality to work with.

Whiteline are the first choice of many workshops, enthusiasts and racers across Australia and the world. For those who value innovative research and technology, Whiteline’s solutions to suspension and handling problems are a guaranteed winner.

If the sternest testing, continued pursuit of advancement, and the most dedicated engineering team is what you look for in suspension design and production, look no further than Whiteline.