About XFORCE Exhausts

XFORCE is Australia's go-to name when it comes to performance exhaust systems. Making bolt-on head back, turboback and cat back exhaust systems for Australia's most popular performance vehicles, every XFORCE exhaust, muffler and header is engineered and dyno tested locally to ensure that you're getting the very best performance boost for your money.

Why Should I Choose XFORCE Exhausts?

XFORCE was founded and developed in Australia with the aim of providing flexible performance solutions for Australia's driving enthusiasts. Since entering the market with a line of hugely successful bolt-on exhaust systems, XFORCE have gradually expanded their development into high flow cat convertors, Varex noise adjustable mufflers and sports headers to create a complete range of premium quality, cost effective exhaust components. 

XFORCE Exhausts are about reflecting the pursuit of performance in a way that's accessible to every car enthusiast who loves their driving. This has been recognised by some of the nation's leaders in motorsport, and XFORCE's technical innovation and passion for performance has led them to becoming an official exhaust supplier for V8 Supercars.

XFORCE engineers their exhaust systems locally, and their extensive range of exhaust systems has designed, developed and dyno tested in Australia to provide the very best performance for Australian drivers. XFORCE's range extends through some of the most popular performance cars in the Australian car park, which means that whether you drive a Holden Commodore VE SS or a Subaru WRX, XForce have an exhaust system to suit your vehicle. They also make an outstanding range of exhausts to suit a wide range of 4x4s and off roaders, helping to give you a little extra grunt when towing or getting out of a tricky spot.

Our Range of XFORCE Exhausts

XFORCE exhausts provide improved performance without sacrificing refinement and drivability. In order to provide this, along with a product that's tailor made to suit your needs, XForce have developed a few different series of exhaust systems, all with their own properties when it comes to construction, performance and cost. The S-Spec Series is XFORCE's entry level model, with a quiet note and mid-level performance.

For more discerning drivers, the XFORCE Pro Series Exhausts are designed for high performance and an enhanced noise, the XFORCE R-Spec Exhaust combines the same performance and a reduced sound level, while the Xtreme brings the maximum in both performance and volume. All XFORCE exhuast systems and parts are crafted from the finest grade stainless steel or mild steel for outstanding longevity and reliable performance.

XFORCE also offer individual exhaust parts to help you fine tune the performance and sound of your exhaust, with a range that extends over high flow catalytic converters, Varex Mufflers for a remote adjustable exhaust note and sound, and universal sports mufflers & accessories to fit a massive variety of cars.