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About ZF

ZF is an industry pioneer and global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive vehicle safety development. ZF is at the forefront of Transmission and Driveline research, in 2015, ZF invested more than €1.4 billion into research, design, and engineering to ensure they are delivering innovative technologies that improve engine performance and reliability. 

Why Should I Choose ZF?

The decline of Manual Transmissions meant that 87% of new cars sold in 2015 were fitted with an automatic transmission. Whilst automatic transmissions represent a convenient and user friendly alternative for urban driving, they also require more care and attention to keep them performing as the manufacturer intended. Automatic transmissions are constantly assessing vehicle speed to select the most economical gear for the driver, as such, automatic transmissions used in urban driving are subject to undue stress and premature wear.

ZF is the industry leader in Transmission Fluids and Gearbox oil. Trusted as the OE supplier to some of the world’s leading automotive brands including BMW, ZF Transmission Oil is ideally suited for application in 4/5/6/7 & 8 Speed CVT and Dual Clutch gear boxes. Because ZF pours money into creating research facilities and conducting extensive product testing, they are years ahead of the competition- which means that the technology that they are using will not be replicated for years to come.

Our Range of ZF Transmission Fluids

Sparesbox is pleased to collaborate with ZF to offer the ZF Lifeguard Fluid 6 and ZF Lifeguard Fluid 8 Transmission Fluid. ZF Lifeguard Transmission Fluids are designed to reduce material wear, provide softer shifting, reduce vibration, and provide improved lubricating film stability in all performance and temperature ranges.