Choosing the Right Air Filter

Why Does My Air Filter Matter?

Why Does My Air Filter Matter?

Like the respiratory system in our own bodies, the engine in your car relies on clean air to perform efficiently and reliably. Whilst it is technically possible to run an engine without an air filter (and some race cars do this), it is incredibly unwise to try this in your own car! Replacing your air filter regularly with a new high quality item is crucial for the following reasons:


Air Filters your engine from abrasive particles such as grit and dirt, meaning less engine wear and lower likelihood of major engine repairs in the long run


Air filters are also designed to allow air to flow through the filter element at or above an optimum rate, allowing for the most efficient combustion, greatest power, and most economical fuel consumption


The seals around your air filter create a shield within your engine air box assembly to ensure that no foreign contaminants or debris can slip past the seal 

A Few Fun Facts About Your Air Filter

A Few Fun Facts About Your Air Filter

Just like the vehicles they service, air filters come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. Most passenger vehicles have ‘panel’ type air filters, which are typically rectangular or square in shape, whereas most older vehicles, as well as some newer ones, have ‘radial’ type filters which are cylindrical or conical in shape.

Air filters are usually very easy to inspect and replace, even for the DIY enthusiast. Naturally, we recommend you always change your air filter as per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended schedule, or earlier if regularly driving on unsealed roads or particularly dusty areas.

There are some things air filters simply can't block! Always take care driving through large puddles, if large amounts of water get into the air intake this can mean you need to replace your air filter (at best) or severe engine damage (at worst)! After all, they're called air filters and not water filters for a good reason.

Cheaper brand or no-name air filters can often be structurally inferior, with cheaper glues and seals used, and the filtration media (paper) can be overly restrictive or conversely not filter down to a fine enough level, allowing larger particles to pass through the element – not good either way! Most passenger air filters generally use paper type filter media (although some brands boast reusable air filters), which are disposable and should not be reused under any circumstances.

What Brand of Air Filter Should I Choose?

MANN Filters

  • MANN are perhaps Germany's most trusted manufacturer of filters
  • An OE manufacturer to many leading Euro car makers, including BMW and Mercedes
  • True OE filtration and performance to match the stringent demands of these cars

K&N Filters

  • High flow air filters which offer great performance benefits. Increased air flow means your engine can produce power much more efficiently.
  • Unlike ‘traditional’ air filters they can be cleaned and re-oiled as they are made from a durable cotton-type material.

RYCO Filters

  •  Australia's own home grown filtration leader
  • All air filters engineered and tested at Ryco HQ in Melbourne - Australia's only dedicated filtration lab
  • The perfect solution to cater for all of Australia's most popular vheicles

WESFIL Filters

  •  Entry level filtration at a budget price