Choosing the Right Automatic Transmission Filter

What Do Automatic Transmission Filters Do?

transmission filter 1

Most automatic transmissions have a filtration element that is scheduled to be replaced at certain mileage or time intervals, to ensure that the automatic transmission fluid remains clean, allowing proper shifting and transmission performance.

What Types of Automatic Transmission Filter Are There?

Most automatic transmission filters are an element is fitted within the transmission assembly – that is to say, you need to take the transmission fluid pan off. These sorts of kits usually come with a replacement gasket for the transmission fluid pan, but if it doesn’t, ensure you purchase one separately to avoid transmission fluid leaking once the pan is refitted.

Some vehicles (e.g. Subaru) actually have a spin-on type automatic transmission filter fitted, allowing for easier and more economical replacement than removing the transmission pan.

What Brand of Automatic Transmission Filter Should I Choose?


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  • Every MANN filter guarantees OE equivalent filtration quality and flow or better


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  • Ryco are Australia's oldest, most well respected filtration company, testing and engineering their products in Melbourne for over 80 years.