Choosing the Right Bendix Brake Pads

What Makes Bendix Brake Pads Different?

What Makes Bendix Brake Pads Different?

Bendix are Australia’s home grown leader in braking, producing Australia’s widest range of quality brake pads to suit pretty much all vehicles on the road. Every Bendix brake pad is designed with the perfect balance of friction, braking quality, noise and dust reduction in mind, and their massive range of different brake pad lines are all engineered to excel in their particular application.

What Should I Take into Account When Choosing Bendix Brake Pads?

What Should I Take into Account When Choosing Bendix Brake Pads?

There are a bunch of factors that alter exactly how your brake pads perform day to day. Pads designed for different cars may over or underperform if used in the wrong application, so it’s vital to make sure you’re finding the right balance of braking for both your vehicle and your driving style.


  • Different brake pads are made from different compounds, offering varying levels of friction
  • Harsher compounds offer more friction, more stopping power and a more responsive braking experience
  • Stronger brake pads are superior for aggressive driving, but may not be safe or practical for those looking to undertake everyday street driving


  • Brake pads are veering towards lower levels of noise and brake dust production every year, but balance is still key
  • Everyday brake pads, such as the General CT, are engineered to deliver minimal dust and noise
  • Performance brake pads trade off higher levels of noise and dust in the name of enhanced friction and better braking


  • Certain vehicles adhere by different regulations to ensure they have the safest brake pads
  • European vehicles, for instance, have to adhere to Euro 90 regulations stating that all brake pads need to be within 90% of OE levels of performance
  • Other vehicles require certain brake wear sensors and parts that often come with certain brake pad sets

Which Bendix Brake Pad Should I Choose?


  • Bendix’s all-round brake pad, for everyday use and responsive braking in normal street driving conditions
  • Uses a titanium stripe to reduce the need for bedding in from the very first press of the brake pedal
  • Stealth design uses an advanced shape to disperse noise and reduce dust production


  • Similar in performance to the General CT, but toughened up to cope with the high temperatures and braking loads generated in 4x4 vehicles
  • Epoxy-modified resin bonds friction material together to help your brakes withstand the most extreme temperatures
  • Blue titanium stripe means no more bedding in
  • Noise absorbing shims eliminate problem of noisy brakes


  • Manufactured from a unique compound that’s designed to work harder, carry more loads, stay cooler and last longer
  • Noise absorbing shims get rid of noisy brakes that are common in heavy-duty vehicles


  • True OE level braking performance for European vehicles
  • Many Euro+ sets come the brake wear sensors required for use in these vehicles
  • All Euro+ pads meet Euro 90 standards


  • High performance brake pads, designed for street and prestige cars
  • Made from a high performance material, and tested for high performance
  • Offers reduced stopping distances, improved pedal feel and responsiveness while being suitable for all street drivers


  • The perfect brake pad for track day warriors
  • Handles unpredictable street conditions, touring road driving and extreme conditions on the track