Choosing the Right Cabin Filter

How Do Cabin Air Filters Work?

How Do Cabin Air Filters Work?

If you wound back the clock a few decades, there was barely a car on the road with a cabin filter. Fast forward to the present day and nearly every single vehicle, from the high end Mercedes-Benz to the budget conscious Suzuki Swift has a cabin filter fitted. Cabin filters, often referred to as pollen filters, filter the air coming through your air conditioning system and into the cabin. Cabin filters offer essential protection against pollen, dirt, pollution, and other airborne contaminants.

Did You Know About Cabin Filters?

  • Most cabin filters can actually be installed yourself, and in the case of brands like MANN and Ryco, come with all the DIY instructions you need.
  • There are varying grades of cabin filter, with some offering new advanced protection against carbon particles and airborne particles. Look for the C (Carbon activated) or MS (MicroShield) suffix in Ryco part numbers, or CUK (Carbon activated) or FP (FreciousPlus) prefix in MANN part numbers
  • Some cabin filters can get so blocked from inadequate servicing that mould grows and hardly any air passes through the element!

What Brand of Cabin Filter is Right for My Car?

What Brand of Cabin Filter is Right for My Car?

Making sure you're getting the right brand of cabin filter is vital in ensuring the finest air quality for both you and your passengers. Spares Box carries a great range of brands, all of which have shaped names for themselves as nationwide leaders in filtration across all applications.


  • A trusted brand in Australia for over 80 years. 
  • All Ryco cabin air filters tested at Australia’s only dedicated filtration laboratory: Ryco HQ Melbourne. 
  • Offer both standard and carbon activated cabin air filters


  • German manufacturer of high quality filters for passenger vehicles, trucks, and industrial equipment. 
  • Actually produce OE filters for many European makes and models including VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc.
  • The beauty of MANN Filter is that you get a OE-spec cabin air filter, for a fraction of the price you'd pay going directly through your manufacturer
  • Offer both standard pollen and carbon-activated cabin filters


  • Budget-oriented filters for everyday Australian vehicles