Castrol Buying guide

Who are Castrol?

Who are Castrol?

Castrol are one of the true global forces in Engine oil, powering, protecting and lubricating millions of cars every year with the utmost quality and reliability. Originating over 50 years ago, Castrol have gained a true global reputation for quality amongst mechanics, racers and daily drivers alike.

Castrol’s Most Famous Ranges

Castrol have led the way in coming out with some of the most revolutionary technologies in engine oil history, all of which have been hallmarked in their 3 most famous engine oil ranges.


  • Castrol Edge is their most famous, class-leading range of engine oils for high performance engines
  • Castrol Edge 5W30 is one of the world’s best-selling oils, and the Titanium protection technology of all Castrol Edge oils makes them the ideal choice of drivers across the globe
  • All Castrol Edge oils are fully synthetic, and engineered to provide the ultimate in wear and corrosion protection, as well as engine performance


  • Once the flagship brand of Castrol, Castrol MAGNATEC uses revolutionary molecules that cling to engine surfaces like a magnet, coating them in oil to provide protection in all situations
  • This premium protection makes Castrol MAGNATEC perfect for engines regularly undergoing stop-start driving, cold starts and those needing protection from the very moment you turn the key


  • Castol GTX is one of their most trusted oil formulas, with a double action formula that cleans your engine as well as it protects it, and vice versa
  • Designed to be the absolute best at removing sludge, contaminants and deposits, Castrol GTX is ideal for squeezing out every last KM possible from your engine

What do Castrol Make?

What do Castrol Make?

Castrol began life as the first manufacturers of castor based engine oil, and since then they’ve led the charge in the world of automotive oils, lubricants and additives. Now, they manufacture a gargantuan range of premium fluids and lubricants for just about every vehicle on the road and work site.


  • Castrol’s main game is Car Engine Oil, and between the Castrol EDGE, Castrol MAGNATEC and Castrol GTX ranges, there’s an oil for just about every engine
  • The Castrol VECTON and Castrol RX ranges are designed to give the ultimate protection for commercial, truck, bus and off-road engines
  • Spares Box also stocks the Castrol Power 1 and Castrol Activ ranges of motorcycle engine oil


  • Castrol have taken their engine oil technology and developed a great range of transmission fluids, gear oils and diff oils for all manner of gearboxes and differentials
  • The Castrol Transmax automatic transmission fluid range caters for autos of all kinds, while the Castrol Syntrans range is ideal for manuals
  • The Castrol Axle and Castrol Syntrax range offer more universal protection for a wide range of differentials, axles and gearboxes


  • Catering to braking and steering systems across just about every vehicle, Castrol brake fluid and Castrol power steering fluid all bring premium Castrol engineering to your handling
  • Castrol make standard brake fluid and power steering fluid for every-day use, as well as the Castrol React brake fluid range for high performance racing


  • Castrol’s Radicool coolant range offers effective, universal cooling power that’s safe to use in just about every vehicle
  • Available in both pre-mix and concentrated bottles, Castrol Radicool offers up to 4 years of protection for both diesels and petrol engines


  • Castrol has a massive range of fluids and greases for industrial use
  • The Castrol Spheerol grease range is a premium range of workshop greases for use across the entire vehicle
  • Castrol also produces the Hyspin range of hydraulic fluid and hydraulic oil, all of which is specially formulated to provide the very best protection and performance