Choosing the Right CTEK Car Battery Charger

In your quest to find the right battery charger for your car, you might find yourself wondering what makes CTEK portable car chargers stand out from the crowd. And it’s a hard question to answer, because the truth is – there’s just so much that separates CTEK from the rest of the industry. There are the patented charging modes; layered protections and safety features; their multi-stage charging processes.

But when you get right down to it, the difference is pretty simple – CTEK is passionately committed to helping you maximise the performance of your battery. And every single one of their products is engineered with that singular purpose in mind.

So, What Kind of Battery Charger Do You Need?

So, What Kind of Battery Charger Do You Need?

There are many different issues to consider when deciding which kind of battery charger you’ll need in order to keep your vehicle’s battery in prime working condition.

What kind of vehicle do you have? Is it a car? A truck? A jet ski? What kind of battery does it have? And do you need any special modes of charging based on how you use the vehicle?

What Kind of Vehicle Do You Have?

What Kind of Vehicle Do You Have?

This is the easiest step in finding the right charger, and it should be your first one. Though not all of CTEK’s chargers are specifically designed for certain vehicle types, they do have dedicated marine chargers and chargers that are designed for certain kinds of loads and vehicle systems.

What Kind of Battery Do You Have?

What Kind of Battery Do You Have?

The next factor you should take into account is what type of battery your vehicle uses. Yet another handy feature of CTEK battery chargers is that most of them are extremely versatile. Most of their chargers are compatible with all types of lead acid batteries – the most common type of vehicle battery – including Wet, MF, Gel, and AGM batteries.

But what if your vehicle doesn’t use a lead acid battery?

If you have a LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery, then you’ll need a special charger. These types of batteries are becoming more and more common and can today be found in vehicles as diverse as motorcycles, cars, boats, and electric bicycles. Fortunately, the CTEK Lithium XS Charger is designed to charge nearly any lithium battery and features all the same kind of user-friendly features as the rest of CTEK’s line, including ‘Connect and Forget’ charging and the patented maintenance mode.

CTEK’s patented ‘Maintenance Mode’ is one of the great advantages of a CTEK battery charger. This mode is included alongside the more typical charging mode as a feature on the majority of CTEK chargers. And it’s perfect for anyone who goes a long time without running their vehicle.

If you’re a boat owner who waits for a nice Summer’s day to pull up anchor, or if you’ve got a motorbike you just don’t have time to ride – you’re going to want this mode in your battery charger.

Our Range of CTEK Products

Sparesbox is proud to boast an expansive selection of CTEK Battery Chargers and accessories. Our range includes more than 40 products, and we’re confident that no matter what your vehicular needs, we can help you meet them.

And we’ve got more than just the chargers! We’ve also got all the accessories you’ll need including mounting brackets and covers; clamps; battery analyser; extension cables; and monitors. You’ll never have to worry about waking up to a flat battery again!