Choosing the Right DBA Brake Rotors

Why DBA?

Why DBA?

The answer to this question is in the name! Disc Brakes Australia truly are the nationwide leader in everything to do with disc brakes and brake rotors, implementing class-leading technology and production in the manufacturing of all their products. DBA have pioneered revolutionary technologies over their years of making brakes, including the Kangaroo Paw venting system, T2and T3 slotting techniques and many others.

Whether they're made for daily drives, 4x4s or track-bred sports cars, all DBA rotors are made with the goal of providing every aussie driver with reliable, responsive braking every time they hit the pedal.

What to Look for When Buying DBA Brake Rotors

What to Look for When Buying DBA Brake Rotors

DBA put a massive array of technologies and production techniques into the manufacturing of their brake rotors, all of which are intended to suit your driving styles and needs as much as possible. Some of these are found on many performance brake rotors around the world, while some are unique to DBA themselves, so it's important to get a good grip on absolutely every aspect of your rotors so you're sure that you're getting the best braking for your money.


  • A good deal of brake rotors are vented, meaning that they are built with channels leading from the interior of the rotors out around the diameter of the disc
  • This increases the surface area of the brake rotor as a whole, making it much more effective at channeling out gases and heat that can affect braking performance
  • Many entry level brake rotors (along with those found on older vehicles) have a solid build without any venting


  • Adding to a brake rotors ability to dissipiate heat and gas, performance/heavy duty brake rotors have symmetrical slots machined into their exterior surface
  • Some also have holes drilled into this surface, leading into the venting chambers of the rotors
  • Both of these have have similar effects to your rotor's vents, thereby increasing braking reliability and performance


  • Different brake rotors are machined and coated with different materials to cope with different driving styles and conditions
  • Some have coatings designed to protect against rust and corrosion, while some are built simply to withstand the harshest braking
  • Different materials will generate different levels of friction, dust and performance, so make sure you're choosing to suit your needs


  • Some brake rotors are designed with cosmetic appearance at the forefront of thought
  • High-end brake rotors are often coated with paint protection, making them great for use in show cars and high performance vehicles that are regularly seen by the admiring public

DBA's Brake Rotor Range


  • Designed to replicate your vehicle's OE brake rotors as closely as possible in both fit and performance
  • Precision machined to OE tolerances as specified by your vehicle's manufacturer
  • Ideal for everyday street driving and all the challenges presented by the daily drive


  • All the OE performance and fit of the street series above, with eco-friendly engineering
  • Uses an environmentally-friendly, water based and non-toxic En-shield coating to prevent rust, corrosion and brake pad contamination
  • No chromium used


  • The first step from OE-level braking into slotted performance
  • T2 bi-symmetrical slots promote smoother, quieter, more responsive braking
  • Kangaroo paw venting system* increases rotor's interior surface area for even better heat dissipation
  • Perfect for more aggressive street driving and everyday performance cars


  • Every rotor contains precision cross-drilled holes and unidirectional machined slots to help dissipate heat and promote smoother, more consistent braking
  • Machined from XG150 High carbon alloyed iron to withstand the harshest punishment
  • Suitable OE replacement rotors for vehicles that have cross-drilled rotors as standard
  • Perfect for the highest-performing, hardest braking vehicles on the street or the open road


  • Available in the 4000, 4000XS and 5000XS series
  • Machined from XG150 High carbon alloyed iron to withstand the harshest punishment
  • XS series rotors also cross-drilled and slotted like the X-GOLD series for reliable, consistent braking under hot, harsh conditions
  • Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP) and Kangaroo Paw Venting* to optimise heat dissipation and reduce wear
  • Perfect as heavy duty OE replacement rotors, and optimised for both aggressive street driving and harsh working conditions


  • Available in both T2 and T3 slotted variants, the latter perfect for high-performance off-roading and 4x4 motorsport
  • Both sets optimised for heavy-duty work, towing and load carrying, with slotting and venting optimised to dissipate heat and gas more effectively
  • Kangaroo paw venting system* increases rotor's interior surface area for even better heat dissipation
  • Machined from XG150 High carbon alloyed iron to cope with harsh off-road and towing conditions


  • T3 tri-symmetrical slots aid in the escape of brake gases and dampen braking vibration for a high performance, consistent braking experience
  • Kangaroo paw venting system* increases rotor's interior surface area for even better heat and gas dissipation
  • Ideal for weekend track-days and entry level motorsport, as well as use in aggressive street driving and the daily commute

* Kangaroo paw venting featured on applicable part numbers only.

A Few Extra Notes on DBA Brake Rotors

  • ALL DBA brake discs are sold as pairs, containing 2 discs to suit an entire axle of your vehicle

  • DBA has a massive range of cross-drilled and slotted performance rotors. Due to the nature of this, many of them have to be manufactured to order and can take between 2-3 weeks to reach you. Please contact us directly to check if your rotors are readily available.