Choosing the Right Engine Oil

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your engine, or so the saying goes. But really, it’s a fairly accurate statement. Engines have many moving parts, and if these parts aren’t lubricated properly serious damage or complete engine failure can result. That said, buying engine oil can be a minefield! Some engine oil companies are owned by big oil corporations with even bigger marketing budgets. So what’s right for your engine?

Factory Approvals

Factory Approvals

Some vehicle manufacturers have very specific requirements for engine oil. It is important to keep in mind that unless an engine oil states that it meets a manufacturer’s approval, it may not cut the mustard! Many modern engines, in particular sophisticated turbo diesel European engines, require specially manufactured oils which have certain properties or contain unique additives to meet the manufacturers approval. A common one is VW 504.00 and 507.00 – if the engine oil you choose does not have this approval, it can potentially void your Volkswagensnew car warranty should any engine problems occur.

Our Trusted Brands of Engine Oil

Once you have ascertained the correct viscosity and type of oil to use, you should consider the reputation of the brand that you want to use. There are thousands of brands of oil on the market, and nearly all of them claim to the best. Like just about anything else you can buy, there are definitely better and worse brands. At Sparesbox, we are proud to represent only the best oil brands, who are leaders in their industry and have been making high quality lubricants for many decades. 


  • Owned by BP, one of the biggest oil companies in the world 
  • Castrol lead the way with their signature Castrol Edge full synthetic engine oil, which is used at many dealerships around Australia


  • A true blue Australian success story - Established almost 30 years ago, all Nulon lubricants and fluids are proudly manufactured in Australia
  • Nulon have managed to grow from a humble family business to one of the best brands in the industry


  • French lubricants company, specialising in high quality synthetic oils 
  • Originally established over 160 years ago (yep, all the way back in 1853), Motul the oil of choice for NISMO and many other high profile racing teams.


  • A German lubricant and additives company
  • Established over 50 years ago, Liqui Moly’s continued research and development with many European vehicle manufacturers gives it a competitive edge over many other brands in the market.

How Much Oil Do I Need?

How Much Oil Do I Need?

If you are doing a minor service, your owner’s handbook will usually state how much oil is required. It may also state a lower quantity figure if you are not changing the oil filter (as the filter usually retains some oil within it), however, you should be changing the oil filter each service anyway.

To be safe, never fill past the higher limit on the dipstick. You can check out our article on checking your oil level here.

As an aside, you can definitely save a lot of money by purchasing your oil in larger quantities. At Sparesbox, we offer free delivery in Metropolitan or Regional Areas in Australia for orders over $50, so why not take advantage of this and stock up on oil for your next few services?

My Car Burns Oil – Should I Be Alarmed?

Well, it depends. Some engines are actually designed to burn oil. In particular, some European vehicles can burn as much as 1L per 1000km! Again, check your handbook if you are concerned about oil consumption.

Oil consumption can also become an issue if your engine has higher kilometres or some engine components are particularly. In this instance, it may be worth going up to a thicker oil to help avoid excessive oil consumption – but check with one of our friendly technical specialists first to be sure.