EVC iDrive Buying Guide

Who is EVC iDRIVE Australia?

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of throttle controllers, EVC started off as a one-man company and quickly grew into the global player it is today. After an intensive 18 month research journey into understanding what Australians want and need in their vehicles, the EVC Throttle Controller was born; since then, EVC's products have become renowned for their easy installation, outstanding performance and affordability.

EVC prides themselves on their integrity; their products are manufactured to high standards and come with long term customer support and lifetime warranty, which means you can focus on more important things like your vehicle.

What is the EVC Throttle Controller?

Arguably one of the most important upgrades you can make on your vehicle, a throttle controller uses an advanced array of highly sensitive electronic components to provide highly accurate data to your vehicle’s ECU. The throttle controller’s main job is to eliminate throttle lag – that is, the lag that occurs between pushing down the throttle pedal and the throttle actually kicking in.

This is where the EVC Throttle Controller comes in – EVC's award-winning design allows you to tune the responsiveness of your engine by providing new points of reference for your vehicle’s throttle mapping. This creates a more aggressive throttle curve, giving you better throttle response and acceleration, reduced throttle lag and a much-improved driving experience.


How it works

By using a more aggressive throttle curve, the EVC Throttle Controller can drastically reduce or even eliminate throttle lag, giving you better driveability and sharper acceleration. If you’re looking for better traction control in a low speed setting, the EVC Throttle Controller can dampen your vehicle’s throttle response beyond factory levels to give you more control with how power is distributed to your wheels – a necessity in tricky situations like accelerating up a slippery track or reversing with a trailer. Higher traction control also comes in handy in recovery situations; a dampened throttle response will often get your vehicle out of sand or mud without the need for recovery gear.

Additionally, by introducing a sharper throttle curve and modifying the torque request that is sent through to the throttle tables in the ECU, the EVC Throttle Controller allows you to actuate the throttle faster (thus opening the butterfly valve quicker).

Choose from 4 available driving modes for the best performance:

  • Normal Mode: replicates factory settings
  • Economy Mode: increased fuel economy and greater traction control in off-road conditions
  • Ultimate Performance Mode: smoother acceleration and instant throttle response
  • Intelligent Automatic Control Mode: set and forget and let the EVC Throttle Controller do the hard work for you


Features & Benefits of the EVC Throttle Controller

So, what are the key advantages of the EVC Throttle Controller?

  • Complete control over your engine’s responsiveness
  • Four different driving modes: Normal, Economy, Ultimate Performance and Intelligent Automatic Control
  • Twenty adjustable settings to suit any driving style and situation
  • Vehicle-specific programming
  • Quick & easy 5 min installation on most models
  • No tools or modifications needed for installation
  • Lifetime warranty


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