Finding the Perfect Fuel Filter

How Do Fuel Filters Work?

How Do Fuel Filters Work?

Fuel, whether it be petrol or diesel, is the essential liquid that your engine needs to have combustion in each cylinder. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that the fuel is clean and contaminants are filtered out, otherwise the fuel injectors can get blocked, combustion can be affected, and (in the worst case scenario) the engine can be majorly damaged.

Replacing your fuel filter as per your vehicle manufacturer’s service schedule is not only necessary to ensure the health of your fuel system and engine, it can affect fuel economy too.

What Types of Fuel Filter are There?

What Types of Fuel Filter are There?

Like oil filters, there are two main type of fuel filters, ‘cartridge’ elements and ‘spin-on’ filters. Somewhat confusingly, there are fuel filters that are actually in-line or in-tank, meaning that the fuel hose attaches to each end of the filter or the filter attaches directly to the bottom of the fuel pump.

There are also fuel filters that are known as ‘in-tank’ or ‘modules’. These are growing in popularity; and the fuel filter is a part of the fuel pump assembly. Sometimes these can’t be replaced without buying a complete fuel pump assembly!

Diesel fuel filters have very fine media (paper) within them, which can filter down to as little as 2 microns in common rail diesel applications – that’s just 0.002mm! Some vehicles have two fuel filters, and many 4x4 owners choose to fit what is known as an aftermarket pre-filter to ensure that poor quality diesel is filtered – think of it as a cheap insurance policy against a bad batch of fuel.

What Brand of Fuel Filter Should I Choose?


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