GFB Buying Guide

Who is GFB?

Who is GFB?

GFB, standing for Go Fast Bits, is a Sydney-based manufacturer of some of Australia’s best performance parts. Specialising in turbo management systems, performance drivetrain parts and engine components, GFB manufacture the nation’s finest and widest range of blow off valves, diverter valves, short shifter kits and performance pulley kits.

Every GFB product has been obsessively engineered and manufactured from the finest metals to maximise performance while minimising weight.

What Make GFB Parts Different?

What Make GFB Parts Different?

Local Engineering

Based out of Sydney’s southwest, every GFB product has been designed and engineered on Australian soil, designed to cope with the needs of Australian drivers. Their range is durable and tough to cope with the harsh conditions presented by Aussie Roads, and versatile enough to suit street driving and the occasional trip to the track.

This commitment to quality has been reflected by Australian officials, and every GFB product is stamped in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality system.

Geared for Australia’s Roads

GFB have tailored their whole product range to suit some of the most popular performance cars on Australian roads. Aiming to suit Australian drivers down to the letter, GFB’s range caters for high performance imports from the likes of Subaru and Nissan, Aussie muscle from Holden and Ford, and hot hatches from all over Europe. 

More features, more availability, less money.

Until Go Fast Bits came along, getting quality performance parts was a matter of importing expensive gear from famous Japanese and American tuning houses. Now, you can get all the high performance gear that’s locally made, shipped to you faster and in many cases superior to its international rivals.

For example, the GFB G-Force boost controller has more features than any similar-level boost controllers from HKS, GReddy OR Blitz, and is cheaper than any of those brands. 

Our GFB Range


  • Bolt-on blow off valves that offer unrivalled control over the noise and tone of your turbo
  • Diverter valves, recirculating blow-off valves, atmospheric venting & dual-adjustable blow off valves available
  • Revised porting completely optimises flow and venting
  • Bolt on to stock turbos/solenoids and replace factory valves with ease
  • All made from machined anodized aluminium and high temperature stainless steel


  • Replace your vehicle’s crankshaft, alternator and water pump pulleys with lightweight variants
  • Made from aircraft-grade, anodised aluminium billet
  • Can save you multiple kgs in weight and many kits come with high performance belts
  • Delivers improved throttle response, faster engine revving and a better feel


  • Replaces your stock gear shifter with a shorter-throw variant
  • Less shifter throw reduces shifting times and improves gearbox responsiveness
  • Come with all the required parts and bolts for installation in under half an hour for many vehicles


  • Manual single state and electronic boost controllers offered
  • Offer the best control over turbo performance, boost pressure and boost mapping
  • An incredibly simple, effective performance gain that improves acceleration and engine response across the entire rev range