Choosing the Right Haltech ECU

Who is Haltech Australia?

Who is Haltech Australia?

From humble beginnings in a Sydney shed in 1986, Haltech made a name for themselves when they developed the world’s first real time PC-programmable engine management system. Since then, Haltech Australia has become a global innovator leading the charge on engine management technology.

Regular attendees of motorsport and racing events like the NMCA/NMRA, Drag Challenge, World Time Attack Challenge and Summernats will recognise Haltech as one of the most actively involved brands in car culture. Not only is the brand committed to innovation and quality, Haltech is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology to their customers. That’s why, when it comes to managing your engine, no one does it better than Haltech.

Why do you need a Haltech ECU?

Haltech ECUs are designed with the user in mind – whether you are looking to build a race car from scratch or simply looking for an ECU to match your engine upgrade.

The most important questions to consider when choosing an ECU are:

  • Does it have the correct number of inputs and outputs?
  • What are my engine requirements?
  • Does it have the functionalities I want?
  • Which sensors are available?
  • Is it a Plug ‘n’ Play ECU (for factory harnesses) or a Universal ECU (for rewired ECUs, brand new builds or complete engine swap)?
  • Do I want full access to the ECU without needing to send it back to the manufacturer for upgrades or modifications?

Luckily, Haltech makes an extensive range of ECUs that suit a large number of applications and come with a vast range of features. Even better, all ECUs come with the tuning software provided on a CD or downloadable from the Haltech website. Whatever your goals are, you’re bound to find a Haltech ECU that suits your engine’s needs.

Our range of Haltech ECUs

At Sparesbox, we stock the Haltech Elite, Haltech Elite Pro, Haltech Platinum, Haltech Platinum Sport and Haltech Platinum Pro ranges to suit all different types of engines. Whether you’re looking for the Haltech Elite 2500 or the Haltech Elite 750, we’ve got everything you need in the one place at Sparesbox!

All Haltech ECUs:

  • Are real time fully programmable fuel and injection ECUs
  • Can be tuned using the volumetric efficiency method
  • Feature O2 control
  • Can be used on both piston and rotary engines
  • Have multiple fully programmable rev limiter functions
  • Communicate with all Haltech CAN network devices
  • Are compatible with any Haltech Dash

Haltech Platinum

  • Entry level ECU, great for daily cars
  • Universal, requires wiring
  • Extruded aluminium case that is not weatherproof
  • Calibrated through ECU manager software

Haltech Platinum Pro

  • For daily cars with basic bolt on mods that aren’t racing at competitive level
  • Not universal – for specific vehicle make/model
  • Single level engine protection
  • Basic sequential transmission and flat shift support

Haltech Platinum Sport

  • Designed for high performance racing cars
  • Non weatherproof case
  • Short term O2 learning
  • Data logging
  • Full closed loop boost control
  • Two step launch control, anti-lag control
  • Programmable inputs and outputs
  • High and low impedance injectors

Haltech Elite

  • For drivers who want more control and features than what’s offered in the Haltech Platinum
  • Environmentally sealed polyamide case protects internal electronics from elements – use in off road, marine, etc.
  • Universal, requires wiring
  • Most advanced Haltech ECU series - powered by multi-core processing unit up to 8x faster and 24x more powerful than Platinum with 1000x more memory
  • Calibrated through ESP programing software (more flexible tuning ability, lets you create your own custom engine calibrating maps)
  • Short term AND long term O2 control – saves long term fuel correction info in long term fuel trim map which gets more accurate over time
  • Fully customisable programming maps
  • Drive by wire throttle control (on select models)
  • Only for CAN bus communication

Haltech Elite Pro (plug in for Ford Falcon XR6T)

  • Comes with the above features
  • Closed loop 02 control
  • Anti-lag and launch control with drag and rally modes
  • Multi-level engine protection
  • Only for CAN bus communication
  • Drive by wire throttle control


Here's a handy table from Haltech that illustrates the differences between the ranges: