Choosing the Right HELLA Driving Lights

Who is HELLA?

HELLA are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aftermarket and OE vehicle parts. Manufacturing lighting, sensors and electronic components for over 100 years, HELLA truly have a global reputation for German-engineered quality which has made them the trusted choice of vehicle manufacturers, drivers and motorsport teams across the world.

HELLA’s Off-Road Heritage

HELLA’s Off-Road Heritage

HELLA has had a storied past crafting the finest off-road lighting solutions for competitive drivers across the world. HELLA driving lights, spot lights and light bars have been found on the world’s most prestigious off-roading vehicles, from entrants in the World Rally Championship to the competitors of the Dakar Rally.

With a huge range of lights that use this motorsport-tested technology in their designs, you can be sure that any HELLA driving light will give you performance and rugged versatility worthy of just about any trail, road or rally stage.

Our range of HELLA Driving Lights


  • For vehicles where spotlights or driving lights aren’t quite as practical, HELLA LED light bars will do the job perfectly
  • Able to be fitted on any vehicle’s roof or bonnet for incredible, versatile lighting courtesy of 12 high powered LEDs
  • Each light bar weights just 700g with low power consumption
  • Completely water and dust proof, available in both a driving beam and a pencil beam


  • A brilliant all-round LED driving light for use in all 4x4 and off-roading conditions
  • LED lighting combined with triple reflectors for incredible illumination of the road ahead
  • Made in Germany with diecast aluminium housing, partially submersible in water for use through all terrains
  • Available in both full size and compact variants, both offering comparable lighting power


  • Combines the famous lighting power of the HELLA’s famous Rallye range with incredible compactness and versatility
  • Able to be mounted to almost any vehicle, and weighs just over a kilogram (the compact version weights just 585g!)
  • Halogen spotlight for versatile lighting, able to be purchased in both pencil and spread beam variants


  • The HELLA Rallye 4000 is the ultimate in off-road lighting
  • Combines incredible versatility with the most powerful 100W halogen lamp for incredible lighting
  • Die-cast zinc metal housing puts up with all manner of harsh off-road use
  • Suitable for hard working 4x4’s passionate off road use and even some versions of motorsport


  • Perfect for heavy duty driving and applications where strong, consistent lighting is needed above all else
  • Combines a Xenon Gas Discharge lamp with a high boost, free form reflector for incredible lighting on long, dark roads
  • Completely weather proof, made from diecast zinc
  • Available in both compact and full size models, with the choice of either pencil (narrow) or spread (wide) beams


  •  HELLA’s most advanced daytime running light solution
  • All HELLA safety daylights are made to fit on a huge range of vehicles, some angled to be fitted in a wide range of vehicle bumper corners
  • Provides bright, consistent light in day time conditions to keep other drivers aware of your position on the road
  • When used with a smart controller, they can be easily switched to front positioning lights