HPD Buying Guide

Who Are HPD?

If you’re looking to upgrade your turbo-diesel vehicle parts, look no further than HPD. Short for “High Performance Diesel”, HPD is Australia’s leading manufacturer of turbo-diesel performance part upgrades. With an in-house R&D team who work constantly to refine, expand and produce new innovations in performance parts, you know you’re getting the best upgrades when you buy an HPD part.

Why choose HPD?

Like their name suggests, HPD is known for their high-quality performance upgrades for turbo-diesel engines. This means that whether it’s efficiency, performance, drivability or towing capacity you’re looking to improve, HPD will have the part you need. Proudly Australian, their manufacturing process makes use of the latest computerized technology to ensure the HPD parts you receive are designed for ultimate durability and precision.

What Is An Intercooler?

The intercooler is an essential companion to any turbocharged engine. When the turbo compresses air, it also heats it up the air which makes it less dense and therefore less oxygen-rich. When you use your vehicle for intensive tasks like off-roading, towing, driving in extreme weather or simply have a modified engine, it’s more important than ever to cool the air before it reaches the engine.


What makes HPD Intercoolers so good?

Like any other intercooler, the HPD intercooler works by cooling the intake air from the turbo before it reaches the inlet manifold so that the air reaching the engine is cooler, denser and holds more oxygen, thus encouraging the combustion process.

However, what differentiates HPD intercoolers from the pack is their ability to supply much lower air temperatures for sustained periods compared to factory coolers. This is due to their larger core and inlet & outlet tubes which allow for exceptionally higher airflow and more efficient cooling.

In addition, HPD intercoolers are constructed with alloy end tanks which are much more durable than the plastic factory equivalents. Coupled with TIG-welded inlets, outlets and tanks that eradicate potential leak points in the structure, the HPD intercooler is definitely an investment you’ll want to make.

What Is A Catch Can?

When blowby gas (a mixture of fuel, moisture and air) from the combustion chamber gets into the crankcase, it could leave an oily residue on your PCV and intake systems that will clog valves and sensors overtime.

Furthermore, modern turbo diesel motors use a system galled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) where sooty exhaust gas is diverted back into the engine to be combusted again in order to remove particulates. When blowby gases and soot mix, they form a sticky deposit which coats the inside of your engine and is difficult to remove.

The HPD Catch Can is an essential accessory which separates the fuel from the air and is mounted in between the breather and the intake. It works by using 4 stainless steel mesh filters to remove the fuel vapour before it can reach the intake.  

Why Should I Buy the HPD Catch Can?

HPD catch can kits are manufactured in Australia from billet aluminium, which means you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality, durable and thoroughly tested product. Featuring silicon hoses, laser-cut brackets and all the necessary clamps and fasteners for factory-standard fitment, the HPD Catch Can oil reservoir also comes with a dipstick so you can easily monitor oil levels at any time.

In addition, the oil reservoir can be unscrewed for easy cleaning and the mesh filters do not need maintenance or replacement at all and will last the lifetime of your vehicle. By installing the HPD Catch Can, not only will you experience vastly improved performance, you'll also save money in the long run.  

With kits to suit the most popular vehicle models and an easy DIY installation process, there’s no question that the HPD Catch Can is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Use the Sparesbox fitment tool to find the right part for your vehicle and shop the range now!