Choosing the Perfect J-B Weld Product

How Did J-B Weld Change Adhesives?

How Did J-B Weld Change Adhesives?

J-B Weld’s claim to fame came over 50 years ago now, as they developed the world’s first epoxy adhesive in conjunction with a chemistry expert from Texas A&M University. As the first proper cold-welding product, it revolutionised the way people carried out repairs on their cars and homes, particularly in tricky areas where welding simply wasn’t practical.

J-B Weld’s products are popular for the exact same reason today, and now they’re a truly global force in the world of sealants, adhesives and the epoxy products they continue to pioneer.

What do I Need to Look for When Buying J-B Weld Products?

What do I Need to Look for When Buying J-B Weld Products?

J-B Weld sealants and epoxies have a massive range of applications, but there’s a reason their range has expanded so much from the very first J-B Weld epoxy. Make sure you choose the perfect product for the job at hand, and you’ll have the very best piece of mind.


  • Epoxies and sealants all need to be mixed in the same ratio, but have different forms of application to meet different uses
  • Most standard products come as two tubes that can be mixed and applied yourself
  • Syringes also available for more controlled application, while mixable, workable putties are great for repairs in wood and metal


  • Most epoxies and sealants have their strength rating measured in PSI, and a temperature rating
  • Automotive/metal epoxies generally have the highest torsional strength to resist the pressures created in your car, and more heat resistance


  • J-B Weld’s epoxy and sealant range has developed to be used with specialised materials
  • Certain products are made to work in marine applications, plumbing, and effectively bond with wood and different types of plastics
  • Choosing the right bond will give you the best chance of sealing your desired surface from water, dirt and petroleum

J-B Weld’s Range


  • The strongest adhesives made by J-B Weld, coming in the form of a resin and a hardener that’s then mixed together
  • Come as twin tubes, syringes or putty sticks for easy mixing and forming to the surface
  • Withstands massive amounts of pressure and heat – the closest thing to a proper cold-weld

The original product that made J-B Weld so famous, their line of Epoxy compounds has expanded over the years to encapsulate a massive range of uses and jobs. J-B Weld now manufactures epoxy products to suit wood, plastic, metal and automotive use specifically, as well as their all-purpose solutions based off the original J-B Weld product.


  • Designed for sealing cracks and gaps in high-heat, high pressure environment
  • Extreme heat resistance makes them perfect for sealing cracks in engine blocks and dealing with oil/petroleum leaks

J-B Weld’s silicone sealants are incredibly versatile and easy to use, perfect for keeping around the house or garage to seal a massive range of surfaces. All J-B Weld sealants are room temperature vulcanised, fully water-resistant and incredible at blocking oil and petroleum-based substances, making them perfect for use all throughout the car and home.


  • Designed specifically for sealing and locking fastenings across your home and vehicle
  • Perfect for use on everyday nuts, bolts and fastenings, as well as vehicle arms, bushings and even mountings
  • Available in a variety of strengths for varying levels of manipulation should you desire

Ideal for fasteners that regularly come loose due to vibrations, shocks and knocks, JB-Weld’s Threadlocker range is the ultimate insurance policy in keeping everything screwed together properly. JB-Weld thread lockers are so well trusted that they actually have the OEM approvals from a number of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.