King Springs Buying Guide

Who are King Springs?

Who are King Springs?

If you’re in the lookout for a coil spring upgrade, look no further than King Springs. A proudly Australian brand, King Springs was established in the Gold Coast in 1956. Since then, the company has become world leaders in the design and manufacture of progressive rate springs.

Progressive rate springs feature an innovative variable design that delivers an increased spring rate when cornering or load carrying, and a decreased spring rate when it is not needed to enhance vehicle stability and rebound control. By incorporating a tapered wire design and variable pitch into the spring, King Springs deliver maximum comfort and optimal handling and load carrying capacity.

All King Springs coil springs are made from premium quality, high stress X5K spring steel. This steel is 30% lighter than traditional steel while still able to withstand a high amount of stress, making it a favourite of Australia’s leading V8 supercar teams (including Nissan, FTR and more).

Why should you replace your coil springs?

If you’re wondering whether you should replace your coil springs, the three questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Is my vehicle at the right height for what I want it to do?
  2. Is the handling up to par?
  3. Can my OEM springs maintain an acceptable height under load or while towing?

If your answer to any of these questions is no, you most likely need new springs. Whether you’re looking to replace sagging OEM springs, need more clearance for your 4x4 or simply like the look of a lowered vehicle, choose from a range of King Springs heights to suit your needs.


King Springs Height Specifications:

Please note that most King Springs heights are specific to your vehicle make and model. To find the right spring for your vehicle, please consult the King Springs catalogue here.  

General height options:

For car coil springs


  • Front Low: Approximately 20mm below standard
  • Front Standard: Standard height + 10mm
  • Front Raised: Approximately 20mm above standard. Recommended for those who have installed bull bars or where increased clearance is needed, e.g. off-road driving.


  • Rear Low: Approximately 20mm below standard
  • Rear Standard +: Standard height up to 20mm raised
  • Rear Raised: Approximately 30-40mm above standard. Recommended for towing, load carrying or for fitted LPG tanks.

For 4WD and Ford F Series Coils*

  • Front and Rear Standard: Approximately 10-20mm above standard.
  • Front and Rear Raised: Approximately 30-40mm above standard.

*Note that vehicle ride heights can vary depending on the age of your vehicle, fitted accessories and factory options.

For cosmetic purposes (note that this may render your vehicle unfit for road use)

  • Super Low (SL) – approximately 25-35mm below standard
  • Ultra Low (SSL) – approximately 35-45mm below standard
  • Ultra Low (SSSL) – approximately 45-55mm below standard
  • Custom order (SSSSL) – approximately 55-65mm below standard (for Falcons - Part no. KFRL-68SP4)


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