Choosing the Right Light Globes

Why are Good Globes So Important?

Why are Good Globes So Important?

You don’t have to be an expert to realise the impact that reliable lighting has on your safety while driving. In all manner of low light conditions, from dusk till dawn and in heavy rain and fog, strong, consistent lighting is absolutely crucial. While your vehicle’s light fixtures as an entire unit are responsible for this, good globes are probably the most important part of your entire lighting system, providing the light energy that keeps you illuminated on the road.

Things to Consider When Buying Globes

Things to Consider When Buying Globes

There’s a massive amount of factors to take in to account when choosing the right globes for your vehicle. Getting the right fitment, wattage and lighting power is all absolutely vital in making sure your headlights function at their peak, in turn making your driving experience as safe as possible.


  • Halogen lights are the most common lighting element in headlights today, and the bulk of our headlight globes use halogen filaments
  • Halogen lamps are available in a wide range of tones, some producing a bluer light to give a similar effect to Xenon HID headlights
  • Xenon bulbs also available for use in vehicles with Xenon headlights
  • High quality lighting elements are vital in making sure your vehicle isn’t only producing light that travels the furthest, but is doing so more efficiently and reliably


  • Vehicle electrics operate on either a 12V or a 24V power circuit
  • Be sure to get bulbs that are designed to work with your vehicle’s electrical current to prevent blowouts or underperformance of your lights


  • Like with household lightbulbs, automotive globes are designed to work at different wattages which determine the amount of light they produce
  • Your vehicle’s manufacturer will have set guidelines regarding the wattage of globes it recommends for use in your car, so be sure to stick to this when buying globes for the safest lighting


  • Headlight globes come in a massive range of shapes and sizes, all of which have different connectors and ways of fitting in your vehicle
  • These types are differentiated by the type number in the product title of our globes, e.g. H1, H3, H7
  • All of our globes are made and manufactured to OE specifications, meaning you can be sure of the perfect fit if you get the right type of globe for your vehicle


  • As a more dated technology, Halogen globes are notorious for wasting the power they consume by converting much of it into heat instead of light
  • Getting high quality halogen globes ensures that you’ll experience no rise in power consumption or wasteful heat production from the OEM standard, making your vehicle that little bit more efficient

Our Brands of Globes


  • NARVA are our largest producer and supplier of automotive lights, electrics and accessories
  • NARVA boast a range of over 100 globes of all shapes and sizes for all areas of your vehicle, from your headlights back to your taillights
  • NARVA globes boast some of the strongest lighting power in the market, easily meeting or exceeding OE standards and in some cases producing 100% more light than standard globes


  • Philips are one of the largest and most famous electrical manufacturers in the world, and have a long history providing OE-quality lighting for many prestigious car makers
  • All Philips globes are made to provide the ultimate in lighting power and quality, particularly for modern European vehicles
  • Spares Box offers a wide range of halogen Philips globes over a variety of sizes and shapes, designed to fit universally in some of the most popular Euro models


  • One of the world’s largest automotive part manufacturers, Bosch produce a huge range of quality headlight, tail light and indicator globes
  • Bosch specialise in advanced lighting for the most advanced vehicles, and offer a wide range of not only Halogen bulbs, but also Xenon HID globes