Choosing the Right LIQUI MOLY Engine Oil



LIQUI MOLY are one of the world’s most well respected makers of lubricants, engine oil and additives. LIQUI MOLY now manufacture some of the world’s leading engine oils, Gearbox Oil & Diff Oil, oil additives and fuel additives, most of which are blended with their acclaimed synthetic technology and MOS2 additive. 

Formed over 50 years ago in the engineering powerhouse that is Germany, LIQUI MOLY have blossomed into an engine oil company with incredible respect and prowess, universally revered for their quality by engineers, mechanics and motorsport teams. 

Where Does the LIQUI MOLY Name Come from?

Where Does the LIQUI MOLY Name Come from?

The LIQUI MOLY name comes from their most revolutionary contribution to the world of engine oil. LIQUI MOLY’s original product was their famous MOS2 friction reducer, a simple liquefied version of the compound Molybdenum Disulphide. 

The lubrication and anti-friction characteristics of MOS2 are pretty much unrivalled to this day, and engine oil makers all over the world incorporate it into their formulations. LIQUI MOLY however were the first people to do it, hence the name LIQUI MOLY!

Our LIQUI MOLY Engine Oil Ranges


  • Leichtlauf literally translates to ‘long-life’, and the entire LIQUI MOLY Leichtlauf range is aimed at preserving and extending your engines life for years to come
  • All LIQUI MOLY Leichtlauf oils are engineered to higher viscosities with synthetic technology or MOS2, making them perfect for protecting and enhancing the performance of high mileage vehicles
  • LIQUI MOLY Leichtlauf, Super Leichtlauf and Leichtlauf MOS2 all available


  • LIQUI MOLY TOP TEC is designed to give the most diverse protection, with multiple varieties engineered to cater for specific vehicle types
  • All LIQUI MOLY TOP TEC oils are formulated with the latest synthetic technology to help extend life, enhance performance
  • The LIQUI MOLY TOP TEC range meets a number of specific vehicle OE requirements


  • The LIQUI MOLY Special Tec range is designed to provide specialised protection for a number of vehicles with particular oil requirements
  • LIQUI MOLY 5W30 SPECIAL TEC offers optimised protection for Ford and GM vehicles
  • LIQUI MOLY 5W20 SPECIAL TEC is enhanced for use in Asian and American vehicles


  • LIQUI MOLY Synthoil is all fully synthetic, and engineered for the largest, most powerful high performance engines on the road
  • Comes in 10W60 for racing engines, and 0W30 and 0W40 varieties for high performance road engines
  • All LIQUI MOLY Synthoil oils are engineered to incredible levels of thermal stability for extreme engines


  • LIQUI MOLY Touring High Tech is a specialised mineral line of oils, designed for older engines with a good number of miles under the belt
  • Comes in a 15W40 viscosity, making it great for passenger and commercial vehicles that have come under lots of stress and strain
  • High quality mineral based oil makes it perfect for higher viscosity protection