Choosing the Right Mackay Hoses

What Makes Mackay Hoses the Best?

What Makes Mackay Hoses the Best?

Mackay have over 80 years of experience in developing some of the best automotive parts around, specialising particularly in rubber components, hosing and piping. By focusing largely on these components, Mackay rubber have perfected every aspect of their production technique. This means that no matter which Mackay Hoses you choose out of the thousands on offer, each one will be individually made to the most precise dimensions and levels of performance.

All Mackay Hoses are manufactured with 3 key considerations in mind, all geared towards achieving the philosophy of outstanding, cost-effective performance.


  • Many Mackay hoses will come on our website with OE specifications
  • These can only be shown when a product meets a vehicle manufacturer’s exacting standards of performance and reliability
  • Mackay Rubber products are exported worldwide, and Holden in particular contract Mackay as an OE producer of many hoses for their famous Commodore range 


  • Rubber technology has come leaps and bounds in the last few decades, something Mackay has constantly strived to be a part of
  • Mackay utilise the latest rubber compounds, engineered rubber and rubber/metal composites in the production of all of their hoses, seals and bushings
  • The rubbers used in Mackay hoses are made resistant to electromagnetic degradation, water, oil and fuel where necessary to ensure the ultimate in reliability


  • Mackay Rubber have also stayed at the forefront of production techniques, using the latest scanning and 3D modelling technology where possible to ensure the best attention to detail
  • This has made it incredibly easy for Mackay Rubber to manufacture thousands of different hoses and fittings to exact dimensions with almost no margain of error 

Our Range of Mackay Hoses

Our Range of Mackay Hoses


  • All Mackay Heater Hoses and Coolant hoses are manufactured from EPDM rubber, highly resistant to electromagnetic radiation and the additives commonly found in vehicle
  • Perfect for transporting water and coolant that’s’ subject to rapid rises and drops in temperature
  • Rayon fibre weave helps to reinforce the hoses
  • We carry heater hoses, top and bottom radiator hoses, coolant expansion and radiator overflow hoses and coolant hoses of all shapes and sizes


  • We carry a massive range of fuel and oil cooler hoses, ideal for transporting fuel and oil throughout your engine’s pumps and channels
  • All Mackay fuel hoses and oil hoses are made from Nitrile rubber with a Nitrile PVC outer layer, completely resistant to oil, fuel and the outside influences of heat and ozone
  • Reinforced with a polyester fibre for resilience and reliability
  • Suitable for use with all manner of bio fuels and ethanol-blended fuels, oils, fuel vapour and crankcase vapour
  • Oil cooler hoses, fuel tank breather hoses, in-tank fuel hoses and others all available for various vehicles


  • Mackay brake vacuum hoses manufactured specially from a highly reinforced rubber that’s perfect for resisting collapsing under intense vacuums
  • Made from an oil and fuel resistant nitrite rubber that withstands oil and fuel contact in power brake systems
  • Mackay engine vacuum hoses are designed for transporting vapours out of your engine, and are made from a fuel and oil vapour-resistant nitrite rubber
  • Also suitable for controlling turbo valves


  • These hoses are designed for use with transmission oils and high pressure hydraulic fluids like those found in your vehicle’s power steering system
  • Oil resistant materials make it perfect for use with transmission fluids and power steering fluids of all kinds
  • Works anywhere up to 135°, making it perfect for high temperature, high pressure transmissions
  • Transmission oil cooler hoses, power steering return hoses and power steering pump hoses all available