Which Mantic Stage Clutch Kit is right for you?

Who is Mantic?

With over 60+ years of expertise and experience behind them, Mantic Clutch is one of the world’s finest manufacturers of high-performance clutches. Renowned for its innovation and extensive R&D, Mantic’s clutches utilise patented groove technologies and high-quality German friction material to bring you the best performance clutches on the market.

All Mantic Performance Clutches are manufactured & engineered in Melbourne and subjected to the highest levels of quality control, and each kit is tested to SFI quality assurance standards and signed off by a technician.

The Stage Series

Although standard OE clutches are perfectly sufficient for everyday driving, they’re simply not enough when it comes to handling the increased torque of performance vehicles. The Mantic Stage Single Disc series uses their patented ER2 pressure plate design to increase the Mean Effective Radius of the clutch pressure plate, leading to increased torque capacity and less slipping at higher torques.


ER2 Organic

  • Designed for street performance vehicles
  • Pressure plates manufactured from spheroidal graphite (300% greater yield strength with improved heat dispersion vs. standard clutches)
  • Patented groove design (ER2) on friction face of pressure plate transmits more torque than a standard clutch kit
  • Higher clamp loads, increased Mean Effective Radius, improved heat displacement
  • Both sides of clutch disc feature organic facing material with high friction coefficient
  • Most driver-friendly option in the range


ER2 Dual Friction OC

  • Designed for street performance vehicles
  • Uses organic friction material on one side and cerametallic friction materials on the other side for increased torque capacity
  • Better torque capacity than the Stage 1 kit, but better driveability than the Stage 3 kit
  • Pressure plates manufactured from spheroidal graphite with ER2 technology for optimum strength and torque capacity


Sprung Centre Cushioned Cerametallic

  • Designed for street performance and occasional track use
  • Higher torque capacity than Stage 1 or 2, but still good for everyday driving
  • Burst proof pressure plates made of spheroidal graphite
  • Sprung centre and cushioned cerametallic clutch disc


Sprung Centre Undampened Cerametallic

  • Designed for non-street applications
  • More torque capacity than Stage 1, 2 or 3
  • Burst proof pressure plates made of spheroidal graphite iron
  • Sprung, non-cushioned full cerametallic clutch disc
  • Less drivable than previous stages but has very high torque capacity


Rigid Centre Undampened Cerametallic

  • Designed for track/motor sport applications
  • The most aggressive system in the Stage Series
  • High torque capacity cover assembly
  • Spheroidal graphite iron, burst-proof pressure plate
  • Undampened cerametallic clutch disc with a rigid hub for maximum torque capacity and zero slipping