Meguiars Car Care Buying Guide

Who are Meguiars?

Who are Meguiars?

Meguiars are one of the oldest, most famous and most prestigious names in car care. Found in the kits of the world’s premier car detailers and show car enthusiasts and trusted by daily drivers globally to keep their beloved cars looking their best, Meguiars have spent the last 110 years developing one of the finest, most comprehensive ranges of car care products available.

Meguiars Most Famous Ranges

Meguiars have pioneered some of the most famous ranges in car care across the years, some of which are as well trusted on their own as the Meguiars brand itself.


  • Meguiars Gold Class is the most luxurious option in car care, designed to cater for high end paint and all daily drivers passionate about achieving a classic finish
  • Includes their famous Gold Class Shampoo & Conditioner, Gold Class leather care, and Gold Class carnauba wax


  • Meguiars Mirror Glaze is designed to cater for professional detailers, and those looking to restore heavily damaged paintwork to a show car shine
  • Includes their most aggressive polishes, detailing clays and cutting compounds to deal with scratches, swirls and oxidation of all severity


  • Meguiars Ultimate truly is the pinnacle of car care, designed to be the ultimate in every arena of car care
  • Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax, Meguiars Ultimate Compound, Meguiars Ultimate Polish and Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax have all made successful names for themselves in this range


  • Meguiars NXT Generation is their most modern, advanced range of car care
  • All of their products, from the Meguiars NXT Generation Tech Wax and Meguiars NXT Generation Car Wash, are designed to make car care fast, modern and super easy with incredible results


  • Bringing professional detailing capacity to every workshop, the Meguiars DA Power System range turns any household drill into a portable, powerful buffer and polisher
  • A variety of heads and pads are available, as well as packs to suit cutting, polishing and finishing

What Do Meguiars Make?

What Do Meguiars Make?

Being around for as long as they have, Meguiars have been able to fill gaps in the market for the last century and develop a car care range that truly covers all the bases. From the essentials of wash, polish and wax to finer detailing products that are favoured by passionate detailers, Meguiars have something for everyone. Meguiars’ range is designed to cater for the 5 essential stages of car paint care, as well as interior and exterior detailing.


  • There’s a massive range of Meguiars car wash products, all designed to clean and care for your vehicle’s paint like nothing else
  • From the rich, luxurious Meguiars car wash range to Meguiars Quik Detailer and Meguiars Wash & Wax, there’s a product to deal with just about any cleaning job


  • After the wash, there’s a wide range of Meguiars cutting compounds and scratch remover for detailing with harsher damage and contaminants on your paint’s surface
  • Products like Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 will restore shine to heavily scratched and swirled paint, while the Meguiars clay bar range is perfect for removing bonded contaminants


  • Meguiars’ polish range is massive, and is designed to work with a huge range of paint types
  • Use Meguiars Ultimate Polish to bring a brilliant shine to just about every paint job, and the Meguiars Deep Crystal range to restore darker, dullened paintwork to a rich, deep finish
  • The Meguiars DA Power System Polisher brings a new level of convenience to car polishing, with a simple system that attaches to a household drill to provide a professional finish whether polishing, cutting or finishing


  • Meguiars are one of the true pioneers of car wax, developing some of the most advanced Carnauba Waxes, liquid waxes and spray waxes available today
  • All of these waxes are designed to bring out the brilliance of your paint, and protect it from the elements
  • Meguiars’ car wax range is massive, and includes premium carnauba waxes, Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax, and a range of specialised waxes and cleaner waxes for a range of different paint types
  • Meguiars Quik Wax range also brings even more convenience to waxing, with a series of spray on solutions that simply spray on and buff off


  • After you’ve achieved the perfect finish, keeping it clean and protected on the go is a great way of preserving your paint for as long as possible
  • Check out Meguiars’ great range of detailer sprays and bug removers for any quick cleaning jobs


  • Spares Box has a huge range of Meguiars Interior Detailing equipment, designed to cater for all types of trim, seats and dashboard material
  • Meguiars carries a wide variety of simple, spray on interior cleaners and protectants, designed to clean and protect all vehicle fabrics, black plastic trim, vinyl and PVC
  • Meguiars Gold Class range includes a huge range of leather care products, from wipes and leather cleaner to luxurious leather gel and conditioner
  • Odour eliminator sprays also available


  • Exterior trim is often the most punished across your car’s surface, with the black trim, rims and tyres of your car seeing the most exposure to the elements
  • The Meguiars Hot Shine and Hot Tyres range bring together tyre foams, tyre sprays and rim cleaners to make cleaning and protecting your wheels and rims easier than ever