Choosing the Right Motul Engine Oil

Who is Motul?

Who is Motul?

France’s Motul is one of the oldest, most prestigious and well-renowned manufacturers of engine oil. Formed over 160 years ago, Motul have earned the respect of passionate drivers, motorsport teams and mechanics across the globe, and their oils are frequently regarded as some of the finest you can buy.

How has Motul Changed Engine Oil Over the Years?

How has Motul Changed Engine Oil Over the Years?

As one of the first true vehicle lubricant companies, Motul has been in the position to dramatically influence the way engine oil has developed across the decades. Since their development into the Motul company from a New York-based lubricant manufacturer, they have been first on the market to put a number of technologies into their publically available oils, including the world’s first multigrade oil. As such, they’ve shaped the way other companies have developed their lubricants. 

One of Motul’s most radical products came in the form of their 2100 oil, which was initially formulated for use in motorsport. With 2100 came the world’s first semi-synthetic oil, and just 5 years later the first ever 100% synthetic lubricant was released as Motul Century 300V.

Motul’s Engine Oil Range


  • Motul’s premier motorsport and racing oil range
  • All oils 100% synthetic with ester-core technology
  • Available in a range of viscosities to suit long and short distance racing

Motul 300V was Motul’s first foray into the world of fully synthetic oil, and the world’s first 100% synthetic oil that used ester-bases. It is now one of the world’s premier racing oils, and a trusted choice of many motorsport teams from the planet’s leading competitions.

As exactly the same stuff that is used by motorsport teams worldwide, Motul 300V has a shorter drainage interval. This is great if your vehicle is constantly in a highly-tuned state or spends most of its time on the track.


  • Designed for more recent, powerful cars with larger engines
  • 100% synthetic formula for higher heat resistance and protection
  • Different 8100 variants designed to suit modern performance engines from Europe and the US

Motul 8100 takes a lot of the technologies that made Motul 300V so special, and applies them for more everyday use. Whereas Motul 300V is suitable for quicker drainage intervals and more frequent swaps, Motul 8100 can be swapped according to your vehicle’s standard service interval.

Nonetheless, Motul 8100 still performs great when exposed to extreme conditions, either as a result of daily use on the road or irregular track day driving.


  • 100% synthetic performance, optimised for a wider range of vehicles and drivers
  • Great for dealing with stop-start driving, shorter trips, high temperatures and cold-starts
  • Keeps your engine running like new for longer

Motul H-Tech takes 100% synthetic protection and optimises it to the challenging conditions that come with daily driving. Perfect for every day performance enthusiasts and those who are really committed to giving their car the best protection, Motul H-Tech is approved by manufacturers all over the world for use in their vehicles.

Motul H-Tech also meets the performance standards of organisations like the API and ILSAC.


  • Contains the 6100 Synergie line
  • Integrates synthetic protection into mineral base oils
  • Generally offered at higher grades to suit larger, more powerful engines

Large engines require great deals of care, largely as a result of the increased power and torque they tend to produce. They also burn through more oil, age faster and have more of a tendency to build up sludge and deposits. This is where Motul’s Technosynthese oils come in.

Technosynthese is a synthetic fomula that Motul use as a base stock in many of their oils, often combined with a mineral or semi synthetic oil. It’s incredibly high lubricating power and heat resistance make it perfect for fighting all the ailments that come as part of running the most powerful engines on the road.