Choosing the Right Motul Transmission Fluid

Who is Motul?

Who is Motul?

Motul are one of the world’s finest manufacturers of automotive lubricants. Famed for their line of 100% synthetic oils and fluids that they’ve developed over 160 years of history, Motul have earned the reverence and respect of passionate drivers, motorsport teams and mechanics throughout the world.

What sets Motul Transmission Fluids Apart?

What sets Motul Transmission Fluids Apart?

Motul has one of the most storied histories in the development of automotive lubricants and oils, and many of their revolutionary advancements have found their way into their range of transmission fluids and gearbox oils. As manufacturers of some of the world’s finest synthetic base stocks and technology, all Motul gear and diff oils are injected with the very best formulations to ensure unrivalled lubricating power, cleaning power and resistance to both heat and pressure. 

Needing to put up with the highest pressures and temperatures throughout your vehicle, transmission fluids, gear oils and differential oils are generally subject to strict standards of quality. Motul’s entire transmission fluid range meets a massive range of these standards and OE requirements, meaning that you can be sure that the oil or fluid you choose will meet the specific needs of your vehicle as it’s manufacturer intended.

Motul’s Transmission Fluid & Gear Oil Range


Motul’s Gear range is one of the largest in the entire Motul catalogue, catering to just about every manual gearbox, transmission and differential system you’ll see on the road. All Motul Gear oils either contain the finest Technosynthese synthetic technology, or are made 100% synthetic for use in the world’s best gearboxes.

Whether you’re keeping your daily drive running smooth or need the quickest, smoothest shifts from your performance gearbox, Motul’s Gear range will have something for you.

  • Motul’s premium solution in manual gear oils and transmission fluids
  • Also contains a premium range of limited slip differential fluids and diff oils
  • Different 8100 variants designed to suit modern performance engines from Europe and the US


The beauty of the Motul ATF line is that it contains many specialised solutions for modern Automatics. Motul ATF-1A is designed for transmissions with slip lockup clutches, Motul ATF ULV is designed for vehicles requiring an ultra-low viscosity transmission fluid, and Motul ATF VI suits vehicles requiring a DEXRON VI approved fluid.

Motul ATF provides even more specialised systems with the protection they need, for instance ATF 236.14 which suits specific Mercedes Benz models perfectly.

  • A line of specialised Automatic transmission fluids for particular transmission systems and manufacturers
  • All Motul ATF Fluids 100% synthetic for premium performance
  • Truly the best option for specialised automatic gearboxes


While Motul prides itself on a massive range of specialised solutions, they also put great effort into producing products that suit a wide range on vehicles. Ensuring that every day drivers don’t miss out on the best protection for their vehicles, Motul Multi ATF, Multi DCTF and Multi CVTF are their best range of multi-purpose transmission fluids.

Choose Motul Multi ATF for use in standard modern Automatics, Motul Multi DCTF for use in dual clutch transmission systems, and Motul Multi CVTF for use in continuously variable transmissions.

  • 3 premium-quality, multi-purpose transmission fluids
  • All containing outstanding synthetic technology for the best performance for a wide range of engines
  • Suits all modern automatic transmissions, dual-clutch transmissions and continuously variable transmissions


Not just catering to performance vehicles and passenger cars, Motul also has a solution for those vehicles that simply work harder than the others. Designed out of tougher, more resilient base stocks with high pressure additives and synthetic materials, Motul HD and Motul HD-X will keep the hardest working transmissions, gearboxes and differentials working at their best, for longer.

  • Extreme pressure lubricants for heavy duty use
  • Designed to cope with regular shocks, heavy loads, extreme duty use in commercial vehicles
  • Great for vehicles regularly travelling slower with heavy loads, or faster under moderate loads
  • Made from high quality mineral bases with the most resilient, high pressure additives