Nextbase Dash Cams Buying Guide

A dash cam is a driver’s best friend – it can help protect you from insurance fraud or determine who is at fault in an accident. Whether you drive the same route to work every day or you’re about to head off on your next road trip, you can’t go wrong with a Nextbase Dash Cam to keep you safe on the road.


About Nextbase

Established in 1999 in the UK, Nextbase quickly shot up the ranks to become the most sought-after brand in dash cams for UK drivers. With innovation and technology being the driving forces behind their success, Nextbase dash cams are next level! Since arriving in Australia and New Zealand, Nextbase dash cams have quickly become popular choices for Aussie and NZ drivers due to their game-changing safety features. So what makes them so good? Let’s take a look at their range below!


Nextbase Dash Cam Features

Nextbase recently released their Series 2 range, all featuring top-of-the-line features and integration with the latest in-car technology. Here’s a taste of what you can get with a Nextbase Dash Cam (note that some features are exclusive to some models):

  • Intelligent Parking Mode:

    If the dash cam detects any bumps or movement on your car, it’ll start recording – even if you’re not around.

  • Autosync:

    Watch your videos on your phone.

  • What3words:

    Nextbase pinpoints your exact location down to a 3m square area using the revolutionary what3words technology, even if you don’t know where you are.

  • Enhanced Night Vision:

    Ever rewatched a recording and realised you can’t see anything at all? With Nextbase dash cams, you’ll get all the details no matter how dark the road is – perfect for identifying number plates in the dark.

  • 4K Ultra HD and 30 fps:

    Yep, you read that right. This dash cam has better quality than your TV.

  • HDR and WDR:

    Nextbase dash cams combine images at different exposures to give you a crystal-clear image at all times.

  • Emergency SOS:

    Your dash cam will alert emergency services with your exact location and personal details in the event of an accident if you are unresponsive. This could mean the difference between life and death on quiet roads where help may not come immediately.

  • Wifi:

    Time to throw out all of your wires. With this handy feature, you can download and share videos and photos directly onto your phone or tablet. No need to go through the long, boring process of sifting through hundreds of files on your SD card!

  • Alexa Voice Control:

    Ask Alexa to put on your favourite beats, find a parking spot, give directions, or to start/stop recording, all without taking your hands off the wheel and risking a hefty fine.

  • Super Slow Motion:

    Ever tried to find a number plate after an accident, only to realise the footage is too blurry to read? Nextbase’s super slow motion feature lets you view your footage in 1080p at 120 fps so you’ll never miss a number plate again.


The Nextbase Dash Cam Range


Nextbase Modules & Accessories Range

Nextbase doesn’t just produce dash cams – they also produce a great range of attachments and accessories to boost safety and convenience.

  • Rear View Camera: connects to your dash cam and records the rear view.
  • Rear Window Camera: watches the road from the rear window for a closer view.
  • Cabin View Camera: captures the inside of the car as well as through the side windows (a great tool for ride share drivers).

Nextbase also has mounts, hardware, SD card packs and anti-reflection filters available.

For more dash cams, take a look through our extensive Dash Cam range today, or check out our Car Audio & In-Car Tech range!