Nulon Buying Guide

Who are Nulon?

Who are Nulon?

Nulon are Australia’s one true engine oil, fluid and lubricant specialist. While other Aussie companies have taken their operations overseas, Nulon have kept their production and operations right here in Australia, formulating a huge range of oils, lubricants, additives and coolants to suit every Australian motorist.

What do Nulon Make?

Nulon has a premium quality, Australian engineered option for just about every fluid, lubricant or oil that could ever go into your engine. Nulon make oils, additives, fluids and coolants for a massive range of vehicles, all formulated to help Aussie drivers take to the road in harsh Australian conditions.


  • Nulon manufacture a huge range of engine oil, in premium mineral, semi synthetic and full synthetic varieties
  • All formulated in Nulon’s Sydney plant, the Nulon oil range extends in viscosity from 0W40 to 40W70
  • Racing, sport and high km engine oils all available, as well as a specialised diesel engine oil range


  • Nulon makes both Automatic transmission fluids and gear/diff oils, many of which come in budget-oriented mineral and high performance full synthetic variants
  • All Nulon gear oil and transmission fluids are designed to put up with the most extreme pressures and temperatures, offering your transmission the finest care and protection available


  • From your oil to your fuel and transmission, Nulon makes additives to enhance the performance of every fluid flowing throughout your vehicle
  • Nulon’s additive range includes fuel and diesel, fuel and oil additives to enhance your vehicle’s performance, as well as leak and smoke repair fluids for your engine, transmission and cooling system


  • Nulon’s coolant range is designed to condition and maximise the performance of your vehicle cooling system
  • All Nulon coolants offer the best anti freeze, anti corrosion and anti boil protection
  • While Nulon offer the standard blue, red and green coolants, they also offer Nulon ONE coolant, an all in one solution that cools and protects EVERY vehicle for up to a massive 10 years or 1,000,000km


  • Nulon carry two premium brake fluids, designed to deliver the safest, most responsive braking
  • Nulon Xtreme Performance Brake Fluid is their most popular option, delivering high performance braking for both DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake systems
  • Nulon also manufacture Nulon DOT 3 brake fluid, which is great for the everyday brake systems of standard cars

Choosing the Right Nulon Engine Oil

Choosing the Right Nulon Engine Oil

Engine oil is of course Nulon’s main game, and Nulon has a wide range of oils to suit just about every vehicle. Just about every viscosity in the Nulon engine oil range comes in a Mineral, Semi Synthetic and Full Synthetic variant, which go up in protection and price as you go along.


Nulon’s premium mineral oil range is the entry level solution for the everyday motorist, and also a fantastic choice for drivers of older, worn vehicles that were built to be used with mineral oils from the outset.

Nulon premium mineral combines the best mineral base oils with high performance oil additives. This results in a range of oils that goes all the way up to an extra thick 40W70 rating, and provides incredible protection across all everyday vehicles for the best price.


Nulon’s semi-synthetic range is where the addition of synthetic technology really starts to up the quality of Nulon’s engine oil choosing. Offering the perfect balance of affordability and hi-tech performance, the Nulon Semi Synthetic range combines the finest mineral base oils, blended with synthetic polymers that deliver much higher protection against temperature, corrosion and friction.

This makes the Nulon Semi Synthetic range great for modern, high performance vehicles with budget-conscious owners. Nulon Semi Synthetic comes in all the viscosities required to suit modern engines, as well as provide protection to older, high km vehicles.


The Nulon engine oil range hits its pinnacle with the Nulon Full Synthetic range. Formulated from the most synthetic base stocks and blended with extreme performance additives like MOLY DTC and MOLY Amine, every bottle of Nulon Full Synthetic engine oil is engineered to provide your engine with the perfect conditions to create and maintain the most power possible.

Being fully synthetic from top to bottom, Nulon Full Synthetic also has the highest resistance to heat, corrosion and friction, meaning your engine will get the best care and performance for its entire service life.