Penrite Buying Guide

Who are Penrite?

Who are Penrite?

Like most good things, Penrite came from humble beginnings. Founded in 1926, the then-16-year-old Les Mecoles created his first batches of oil on his mother’s kitchen stove in St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.

Since then, Penrite has become the world leader in premium engine oils for performance and passenger vehicles, exporting to over 50 countries worldwide. Although Penrite is best known for their premium multigrade engine oils, they also produce a wide range of automatic transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, brake and clutch fluids, and many more.

Today, Penrite continues to be true to its Aussie roots and remains 100% Australian owned. Their award-studded history is proof of their passion for premium, high-quality and innovative products.

Which Penrite Engine Oil is right for you?

From the Penrite 5W30 Enviro+ engine oil to the Penrite HPR 5 5W40, Penrite has the right engine oil for you. With the motto “Right Oil for the Right Application”, it’s no wonder Penrite is renowned in the lubricant industry for their reliable and high-quality engine oils that are suitable for all vehicle needs.


Penrite’s most premium, high performance synthetic, semi synthetic and mineral engine oils

Designed to provide the ultimate protection against Australia’s toughest environments, the Penrite HPR range is engineered with a unique Double Layer of Protection which combines Full Zinc and Penrite’s innovative Extra Ten technology.


Designed for late model low-emission, fuel-efficient engines which run on petrol, E85 and diesel fuel.

The Enviro+ range consists of full synthetic low and mid SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur) engine oils. This range is made to meet OEM and manufacturers’ approvals to stay within the bounds of new vehicle warranties.


Penrite’s premium full synthetic engine oils for performance and competition engines.

The Penrite 10 Tenths range is designed to enhance performance for competition and race proven vehicles. The engine oils are blended with 100% PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin) and Ester Full Synthetic Base Oils for maximum heat protection and smooth performance.


Penrite’s specially designed engine oils for older vehicles, including classic (pre 1980’s), vintage (pre 1950’s), and veteran (pre 1920’s) cars.

Their classic oils utilise modern additive technology and high-quality base oils for added protection including rust inhibitors, antioxidants, and a storage agent for vehicles that are not driven regularly.


Penrite’s everyday motoring engine oil range.

Consisting of full synthetic, semi synthetic and premium mineral engine oils, the Vantage range is available in a wide range of specs and viscosities for all passenger vehicles.

Penrite’s other products

Penrite isn’t just known for their engine oils – their expertise spans across many other types of lubricant products. Over the years, their dedication to research and development has resulted in a plethora of high-quality fluid products for motorbikes, vehicles, and heavy machinery.


Penrite takes brake fluid to another level with their premium synthetic fluids as well as petroleum-based mineral oils.

Penrite’s brake and clutch fluids are made to meet and exceed industry standards of passenger cars, 4WDs, motorcycles and more.

Their range includes DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1, Racing Brake Fluid and DOT 5 Silicone Brake Fluid.


Penrite’s range of OEM approved coolants and inhibitors suit most vehicles, from passenger cars to vintage and racing vehicles.

Available in Concentrated or Pre-Mixed, Penrite coolants are specially formulated to meet the needs of different manufacturers.

Penrite’s OEM Red Coolants feature a Si-OAT inhibitor type coolant, while their OEM Blue Coolants contain a silicon-free OAT inhibitor type coolant and their OEM Green Coolants contain a HOAT inhibitor type coolant.


Like their other products, Penrite uses the latest formulation technology to develop their range of transmission fluids.

Their ATF FS (Automatic Transmission Fluid – Full Synthetic) provides smooth shift durability 5x longer than the industry standard.

The ATF MHP (semi-synthetic) also offers smooth shift performance at 3x longer than the industry standard.


Penrite’s premium motorcycle oils are manufactured to meet the latest industry specifications and come with full zinc for anti-wear protection.  

Choose from 100% PAO & Ester, Full Synthetic, Semi Synthetic, and Premium Mineral 4 Stroke and 2 Stroke Engine Oils.


Penrite’s extensive range of fuel additives, coolant additives and oil additives are specially formulated to clean and protect your vehicle components.

Their additive ranges include engine stop leaks, radiator stop leaks, diesel injector cleaners, and much more.


Penrite also offers a wide range of greases and other fluids suited to different uses and conditions, such as for high temperature applications, marine environments, and anti-corrosion protection.