Project Mu Brakes Buying Guide

Who are Project Mu?

Who are Project Mu?

Project Mu are one of the world’s leading aftermarket performance brake companies. Crafting a range of brake pads and brake rotors that cater for all levels of driving enthusiast, Project Mu are among the most popular choice for tuners, race teams and passionate daily drivers across Australia. 

Being born out of the street and racing scenes in Japan, Project Mu brake pads cater primarily to Asian vehicles (although many European and American performance cars also have Project Mu pads available) and have a massive following all around the pacific rim. Slowly pushing into Australia bit by bit, Project Mu brakes are gaining a steady following down under for their incredible stopping power, ease of access and great value compared to more expensive European brands.

What Makes Project Mu Brakes So Good?

What Makes Project Mu Brakes So Good?

The beauty of Project Mu’s main brake offering is that they bridge the gap perfectly between the entry-level enthusiast and high level motorsport competitor. Perfect for use both on the street and the track, Project Mu brake pads cater for everyone passionate about their braking and handling performance, regardless of where or how they drive.

As easy to install as normal brake pads and far outperforming their OE Equivalents, Project Mu brake pads far outperform the competition in terms of stopping power, controllability, resistance to temperature and fading. All Project Mu brake pads are heat treated to burn out fade-causing gases and minimise the bedding in period. This means that you get quicker, more effective braking from the moment of installation.

Project Mu brake rotors are also an outstanding choice for daily drivers that want to maximise the performance of their street car. Every Project Mu disc rotor comes heat treated, slotted and made from high-carbon iron or steel to ensure incredible resistance to heat and the pressures of high performance driving, offering the ideal rotor for use on the track and the street.

Which Project Mu Brake Pads Should I Choose?


  • Project Mu’s high performance street pad for spirited driving in all conditions
  • The first step up in performance from OE brake pads, offering increased stopping power and controllability while still minimising dust and noise production
  • The advanced, asbestos-free brake pad compound also minimises wear, both throughout the pad and on your brake rotors


  • A proper crossover pad, comfortable and controlled enough for use on the street, but rated up to 800­°C for use in track, race and rally conditions
  • The Project Mu HC800 range also offers the same incredible resistance to fading and wear across all areas of your brake system
  • Expect higher levels of dust and noise, but with the trade-off of incredible braking performance


  • Perfect for the weekend warrior, club-level motorsport and track-tuned cars that spend the majority of their time in race conditions
  • These brake pads are designed to be used with both motorsport and OEM calipers, making for a versatile track pad that fits just about every performance vehicle likely to take to the circuit
  • Unrivalled bite, braking power, fade resistance and control, with the kind of durability that leaves many other competition brake pads wanting