Prorack Buying Guide

Prorack have been engineering and manufacturing state of the art roof racks for more than thirty years. Founded in 1975 by a former Rolls Royce aircraft engineer, Prorack is now one of the leading suppliers to original equipment manufacturers and retail markets in Australasia, the United States and Europe.

Prorack are committed to creating market leading innovation that sets the standard for automotive carrying systems. With an aviation heritage that shines through in every product that they create, Prorack continue to work tirelessly with the University of Canterbury and Industrial Research Ltd to decrease aerodynamic drag, for reduced cabin noise and improved fuel efficiency.

Choosing the Right ProRack Roof Rack

Choosing the Right ProRack Roof Rack

At Sparesbox we understand that choosing the right roof racks for your vehicle may seem like a daunting and complicated process, that’s why we’ve teamed up with Prorack to take the guess work out of finding the right roof racks for your vehicle. Simply enter your vehicle make, model and year to shop our range of Prorack roof racks and accessories.


The Prorack P-Bar is a high-quality, cost effective roof rack system for those spontaneous weekends away, lugging the dingy down to the water and family road trips. The Prorack P-Bar roof rack system is a more traditional, low-cost alternative to the Prorack S-Wing range of roof racks. Prorack P-Bar roof rack systems are easy to fit and offer the same load carrying capability of significantly more expensive roof racks.

Rated to a maximum load rating of 75kg per pair, the Prorack P-Bar range is suitable for application on a wide selection of vehicles. Prorack P-Bar roof racks use smart-foot technology, are lockable & removable and available in a choice of flush or through bar fitments.


For anyone who has ever had a cheap set of roof racks fitted to their vehicle, you will understand what we are on about when we lament the importance of quiet roof racks. With 70% less drag coefficient than other roof racks, Prorack S Wing roof racks significantly reduce cabin noise intrusion and fuel consumption, striking the perfect balance between strength and comfort.

Rated to a maximum load rating of 75kg per pair, Prorack S Wing roof racks are strong enough to handle any adventure. When coupled with a Prorack through bar, Prorack S Wing roof racks are lockable and removable, making it easy to attach them at a moments notice for those spur-of-the-moment road trips.


Designed using Smart Foot Technology™ for easy fitment and adjustability, Prorack HD-Bar roof racks take the stress out of transporting heavy loads. The HD-Bar series feature integrated tie down points and inlayed rubber ‘load strips’ to keep your vehicle free from damage while carrying heavy loads. Like the S Wing series, the Prorack HD-Bar range reduces drag coefficient by 70%, significantly decreasing cabin noise and fuel consumption.

Rated to a maximum load rating of 100kg per pair, the Prorack HD-Bar range is strong enough to handle commercial load carrying work. Prorack’s patented Smart Foot Technology™ and integrated tie down points makes attaching, locking and removing Prorack HD-Bar roof racks a breeze.


Designed with Trade Workers in mind, Prorack Trade Bar gutter mounted roof racks are manufactured using solid steel to withstand the most rugged use in commercial applications. Prorack Trade Bar roof racks attach to your vehicles rain gutters and come with clip in rubber sections for added load support and protection. Clip in rubber crossbar inserts have been engineered to cushion and protect heavy loads.

As opposed to consumer roof rack systems that have a load carrying capability of 40-70kg, Prorack Trade Bar roof racks have a maximum load rating of 100kg per pair. Designed for rugged commercial application, Prorack Trade bar roof racks are Prorack’s premium heavy duty roof rack system suitable for a range of 4x4, Van and Utility vehicle applications.

Our Range of Prorack Accessories

Our Range of Prorack Accessories

Prorack manufacture a range of accessories for Canoeing & Kayaking, Cycling, Touring & Recreation, Surfing, Skiing & Snowboarding, Fishing and Trade that can be used in conjunction with Prorack Roof Rack Systems to make packing up and transporting a diverse range of equipment easier and safer than ever.


Prorack Kayak Accessories are quick & easy to install, feature rubber pads and flexible shape cushions and are suitable for carrying most popular kayak shapes and styles from recreational right through to sports. All Prorack Canoe & Kayak Accessories kits come complete with straps and front/rear tie downs with a cam-lock buckle for complete adjustability and easy access.


Prorack rear mounted bike racks are a cost effective way of transporting bikes without the use of traditional roof mounted roof racks. Prorack rear-mounted bike racks are constructed with solid powder-coated steel, are capable of carrying up to four bikes and can be easily folded away when not in use.

For those with an existing roof rack setup, Prorack Fork Mount Cycle Holder Kit is the ideal addition for transporting your bikes safely. Featuring a front fork quick release for easy unloading and a rear ratchet wheel restraint for added security, Prorack Fork Mount Cycle Holder Kits can be used in conjunction with a variety of roof rack kits.


Prorack Touring and Recreation Roof Baskets and Alloy Trays are the ideal addition to your Prorack roof rack setup to maximise your vehicles gear carrying capacity. Featuring a fitting kit to make installation and removal a breeze, Prorack Touring and Recreation Roof Baskets and Alloy Trays fit securely most popular roof rack styles.


Prorack Roof Boxes have been designed to work with S-Wing, P-Bar, Aero Bars and most factory bars. Constructed using super-strong ABS material and finished in satin black, Prorack Roof Boxes are the perfect way to expand your carrying capacity up top for those bulky items that won’t fit in your vehicle.


Prorack Surfboard Roof Rack Accessories have been designed to make loading up your board in time for the morning sets easier than ever. Prorack Surfboard Roof Rack Accessories are easy to use: simply load your board onto the roof rack, strap it down with the supplied ties, secure it at the front and back and you’re away- simple as that.


Prorack Snowboard & Ski Racks for Cars take the stress out of getting your gear to the slopes in one piece. Designed to be used with S-Wing, P-Bar, Prorack HD and Prorack Tradesman, Prorack Snowboard & Ski Racks for Cars will dramatically reduce the amount of time spent loading up your car so that you can spend less time securing your gear and more time on the slopes.


Prorack Trade Accessories have been built tough to withstand the most testing use in commercial applications. Designed to save you time and make transporting excess cargo easy, Prorack Trades Accessories are relatively inexpensive, incredibly easy to use and will quickly pay for themselves in the amount of time they save.


Prorack Fishing accessories convert your roof racks into a dedicated fishing rod holder to make transporting your precious cargo safer and easier than ever. Featuring soft rubber that gently holds your fishing rod in place, Prorack Fishing accessories will keep your tackle free from damage and ensure you don’t have to untangle any lines when you reach your destination.