Choosing the Right RAW 4x4 Shock Absorber

Who is RAW 4x4?

RAW 4x4 is one of Australia’s leaders in 4x4 Suspension and Shock Absorbers. Their shocks are designed to be the toughest, hardest working and reliable around, and come in a diverse choice of ranges to suit your particular needs. RAW 4x4 have been around for over 30 years, supplying both performance and load-oriented shock absorbers for trucks, 4x4s and SUVs of all shapes and sizes throughout that time.

What Makes Raw 4x4 Shock Absorbers Different?

What Makes Raw 4x4 Shock Absorbers Different?

4x4 shocks run off the same principle as regular shocks, but at the more extreme end of things. 4x4s are much harder working vehicles and are often subjected to heavy loads, rough roads and uneven terrain at higher speeds, meaning that your shocks have to be built to work harder too.

In order to do this, RAW 4x4 shocks often have larger bores, larger pistons, a higher capacity for oil and gas, as well as a more heavy-duty construction to cope with the high temperatures and pressures that come with towing, carrying or off-roading.

RAW 4x4 tests all of their shocks at a state-of-the-art development facility in rural NSW, and every shock they build is made from the ground up to suit the vehicle it’s being installed in.

What Should I Consider when Buying RAW 4x4 Shocks?

What Should I Consider when Buying RAW 4x4 Shocks?

As with any other suspension set up, getting the right 4x4 shock absorbers is all about striking a balance between comfort and performance, depending on what exactly you’re using your vehicle for This means weighing up a number of factors, and you should gauge your choice according to what you need the most:


RAW 4x4 offer shocks in both mono tube and twin tube designs, each of which are geared towards different scenarios. Mono tube shocks are built using the shell casing itself as the oil chamber, and use a single, fast acting piston to absorb shocks faster and provide a more responsive, sporty road feel. On the other hand, twin tube shocks use a separate interior chamber that operates at a lower gas pressure, meaning that your shock absorber can put up with more knocks and offering a more comfortable ride.


This is the key goal of your vehicle’s shocks, helping to dissipate all the nasty shocks and jolts that come with driving both on and off the road. Softer shocks will be more comfortable and provide a smoother ride, but may not offer the best performance when it comes to providing responsive handling or handling heavy loads.


4x4s and SUVs are by their nature heavier than you average passenger vehicle, and also most commonly tow or haul heavy loads day-to-day. This puts a larger strain on your vehicle’s shocks, and many 4x4 shocks are designed to cope with this with a more heavy-duty construction, higher capacities for oil and gas, and less travel to prevent sagging at the vehicle’s rear. This has the adverse trade off of firming up your ride, which may compromise ride comfort.

Off-Road Performance

As we mentioned above, 4x4 shocks are designed to dissipate heat and pressure much better, and this is particularly important when heading off road. Travelling at faster speeds over rougher surfaces means that your shocks heat up much faster, the added heat having the potential to negatively affect your suspension performance. Performance 4x4 shocks are built to fight this.

Uneven terrain tends to exacerbate things like body roll as well, and shocks that provide added stability and responsive steering can be crucial in keeping you moving. Like any other car part, performance shocks are pricier than normal, but you’re heading off road often or love tackling different kinds of terrain, these kind of shocks will prove a worthy.

RAW 4x4’s Range


  • Geared towards high-performance, aggressive off-road driving
  • Mono tube design acts fast to absorb shocks and bumps, providing the best road feel and quickly dissipating heat
  • High temperature oil and high pressure gas prevents overheating and provides a more consistent ride
  • Larger single piston provides more control and comfort with precision
  • Hardened piston rod resists side loading

The RAW 4x4 Predator range is their absolute top performer, a mono tube shock absorber line that’s geared towards helping you “attack the terrain” like no other.

The mono tube design of RAW 4x4 Predator Shocks promotes the fastest dissipation of heat and pressure possible. This, when combined with their larger piston and high oil/gas capacity, helps them perform at their maximum when things are at their most extreme.


  • Perfect for all-round 4x4 use, light off-roading and occasional load-carrying
  • Larger piston and heavy duty build for longevity
  • Higher oil capacity helps performance under heavier loads and in rough terrain
  • Filled with nitrogen gas to help prevent shock absorber fade

The RAW 4x4 Nitro Range is probably their most diverse, multi-purpose 4x4 shock absorber. The twin-tube construvtion helps keep costs down and promotes a comfortable ride, while their toughened design makes them ready for use both off-the-road and under heavier loads.

The RAW Nitro Range is also geared towards promoting every day drivability, and a set of RAW 4x4 Nitro shocks will help reduce body roll and increase stability under high pressures without compromising on ride comfort.

Nitro Max

  • The hardest worker, perfect for heavy loads, towing and heavy-duty work.
  • Suitable for use in vehicles with heavy-duty coils and torsion bars
  • Massive size and oil capacity keeps your shocks supported under the harshest working conditions
  • Large piston and gas capacity promotes longevity and control without a massive loss in comfort
  • Rugged, heavy duty build with 360 degree welding to put up with the heaviest weights

Everything about the RAW 4x4 Nitro Max range is about working harder, for longer. Touted by RAW as the “heavy weight contender” of their range, they’re bigger, stronger and more rugged than their competitors. This allows them to hold more oil, more gas and house larger pistons in a twin tube design that will keep performing through bumps and shocks, even when the shell casing is damaged.