Redarc Electric Brake Controllers

Any responsible trailer or caravan owner knows that when you’re hauling such a huge weight, you’re hauling something else along with it – responsibility. And being a responsible trailer owner means having all the appropriate commitments and safeguards in place to ensure that your trailer is easy to control and protected in the case of unexpected complications. And, of course, this responsibility only increases with the size and weight of your load.

Within our extensive range of Redarc Electric Brake Controllers offers, you’ll be able to find all the protective features and nuanced control that you need to haul your trailer or caravan with total confidence.

Why Do You Need a Redarc Electric Brake Controller?

Why Do You Need a Redarc Electric Brake Controller?

Trailers and caravans are among the largest loads you can haul. Consequently, you’re no longer simply controlling your normal vehicle when you brake, you’re also controlling the massive trailer behind it. That’s what makes a Redarc brake controller so indispensable. Allowing for finer control over two braking systems, these units make coming to a sudden halt an easier, safer, and more manageable experience.

That covers the practical need for an electric brake controller, but it’s also worth mentioning that there’s a legal framework for these requirements. While smaller trailers can get away with fewer safeguards, larger trailers are strictly bound by law in terms of what brakes they require. In particular, trailers weighing in at over 2,000kg have specific requirements in all states and territories, including the necessity of brakes operating on all wheels and breakaway brakes in case the trailer becomes detached from the towing vehicle.

For a detailed breakdown of the legal requirements surrounding trailer brake systems, see this helpful document prepared by the Department of infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development. And it’s always a good idea to double check with your local transport authorities.

The Different Types of Redarc Brake Controllers

Redarc Electric Brake Controller 12V

The most basic brake controller of Redarc’s expansive range, the Redarc Electric Brake Controller 12V makes for a perfect entry-level brake controller for your trailer’s electric brakes.

A truly modern device, this electric brake controller has a handy LED indicator (either on the 12V brake controller or the dash) which lets you know that the electric brakes are plugged in. A green light lets you know that you are good to go – or stop as the case may be!

Providing an extra layer of confidence, this electric brake controller features an override button that allows you to activate your trailer’s brakes independently of the brakes of your towing vehicle. This is a great option when you find yourself navigate tricky or risky situations.

Redarc Trailer Mount Electric Brake Controller 12V

Entirely potted within silicone elastomer, the Redarc Trailer Mount Electric is the best option when you’re looking for protection from the harsh elements you’ll often encounter during your outdoor adventures. The option of having an encapsulated brake controller is a great way to minimise the effects of both vibrations and the weather.

Redarc Tow-Pro Electric Brake Controllers

The Redarc Tow-Pro Electric Brake Controller is one of the most advanced Redarc models, offering a raft of sophisticated features not available in the more basic brake controllers. While not necessary for every trailer or caravan owner, these additional features can significantly boost your safety and confidence when you’re out on the road.

Perhaps the most helpful feature of the Redarc Tow-Pro Electric Brake Controller is the device’s proportional mode inertia sensing. This unique capability allows you to attack highway driving with a far greater degree of assuredness.

Adding to the versatility and adaptability of the unit, it also offers two types of braking. You can choose between two modes – proportional braking and user-controlled braking. The proportional mode ensures that your brakes are triggered proportionally to the brakes of your main vehicle, amounting to a smooth and predictable brake feel. The user-controlled option lets you tune the braking strength applied to your trailer, allowing you to ensure that the braking power is custom-suited to the weight and brake setup of your trailer.

Redarc Break Away Controller 12V DC

This one’s a little different than the other controllers on this list, but certainly no less important. This is the one you’ll be thanking when it saves your bacon during unexpected trailer mishaps.

The Break Away Controller is designed to take over the brakes and lights of your trailer in cases where it becomes separated from your vehicle. This provides a measure of protection in case of runway trailers, both preventing them from rolling away and notifying drivers behind you that the trailer is coming to a stop.

The benefits of such a controller are varied and fairly obvious, protecting both your trailer and other vehicles on the road. Not only is this a matter of personal responsibility, but legal requirements in most states and territories make a break away controller like the Redark Break Away Controller 12V DC a must-have.

Installing Your Brake Controller

Setting up your Redarc Brake Controller is an easy, user-friendly experience. However, there are still a few pitfalls to bear in mind to prevent avoidable problems from cropping up. Redarc’s brake controllers are built with versatility at the forefront of the design process, meaning they can be mounted in any orientation that suits your individual vehicle setup.

However, one thing to bear in mind is that the mounting you use to attach your controller needs to be secure. This is of particular importance for models like the Redarc Tow-Pro Elite Brake Controller, which uses advanced sensors to gauge the inertia of your trailer. Loose and unsecure mounting can lead to false readings that may trigger the automatic brake and light function unnecessarily.

This can obviously be both a performance and safety issue, so ensuring your mounting and screws are all tight and secure must be top of your list of priorities.