Ryco Filters Buying Guide

Who are Ryco Filters?

Ryco Filters are one of Australia’s largest aftermarket car parts manufacturers, specialising in the filtration market. Wholly Australian-owned and managed, all Ryco Filters are engineered and tested at Ryco’s expansive HQ in Melbourne. Ryco have been around for almost 80 years now, making the best filters for Australian cars, ideally suited to Aussie roads and providing the hardiness and performance that Australian drivers need the most.


What Makes Ryco Filters So Good?

The beauty of Australian engineering and the best production techniques means that every Ryco-made filter is completely adapted to work on Australian cars. Australian cars regularly come into contact with fine, silica-rich dust particles that aren’t found anywhere else in the world, something that all Ryco filter elements are designed to cope with.

Ryco Filters’ entire range is designed to cater for some of the most common and popular cars seen on Australian roads. As well as making individual filters for some of the most popular passenger cars seen throughout the decades, Ryco also manufacture filter service kits for a huge range of 4x4s, Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore models.

Our Range of Ryco Filters


  • Ryco air filters are designed to deal with the abrasive soils commonly found around Australia
  • Engineered with filter elements that balance reliability, air flow and the finest air quality and filtration
  • All Ryco air filters are designed and engineered to meet OE requirements of reliability and performance
  • Ryco heavy duty air filters also available for commercial use – look for ‘HDA’ at the start of the product code


  • Ryco oil filters are designed to provide the very best flow of clean oil to your engine, optimising its protection and performance
  • Engineered to cope with the high oil pressures and high viscosity oils that are commonly seen in modern engines
  • Both spin on and cartridge Ryco oil filters available for a wide range of vehicles
  • High performance, high efficiency oil filters available for a wide range of vehicles – look for ‘HE’ at the end of the product code


  • All Ryco cabin filters are designed to give the drivers and passengers the best air quality coming into their vehicle’s cabin
  • Most Ryco cabin filters made with an activated carbon layer to help protect you against harmful exhaust gases – look for ‘C’ instead of ‘P’ at the end of the product code
  • A wide range of Ryco Microshield filters are available, which offer an anti-bacterial pre-filter, an activated carbon barrier to neutralise road cases, and a third electrostatically charged layer for optimum dust filtration – look for ‘MS’ at the end of the product number


  • Ryco fuel filters are designed to be the best, providing your fuel injectors with the cleanest fuel to keep both them and your engine protected
  • The best fuel flow ensures cleaner burning, the best fuel economy and optimised engine performance
  • Spin-on, inline, cartridge, in-tank and universal Ryco fuel filters all available


  • Sparesbox have pooled Ryco’s resources to bring together a fine range of filter service kits, designed to meet the everyday service needs of some of Australia’s most popular cars and save you money
  • Ryco manufacture filter service kits for a wide range of hard working 4x4 vehicles, while here at Spares Box we’ve used our advanced cataloguing system to bring together a range of kits to suit almost every Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore model on the road


  • Ryco's Service Tools provide the tools you need to install any Ryco filter. Made from tough and durable materials, Ryco Service Tools are designed for specific vehicles to make the installation process quick and easy. 


  • Ryco produce a great range of transmission filters, designed to fit various models from the same vehicle manufacturers
  • All Ryco transmission filters engineered to form the tightest seal, and use an optimised filter media material for the best flow, performance and filtration of transmission fluid/oil


  • Ryco Catch Cans come with a range of accessories to suit your needs
  • Choose from Fuel & Water Separators and Crankcase Ventilation Filters