SACHS Buying Guide

Who are SACHS?

Who are SACHS?

Not affiliated at all with the investment bank Goldman Sachs, SACHS are a division of the famous ZF automotive parts empire. Sharing a stable with brands such as LuK, Lemforder and of course ZF Parts, SACHS are part of one of the most well respected auto parts groups in the world today, operating in over 100 countries and revered for their quality across the globe. 

Despite their global prowess, SACHS have gained increasing respect in Australian car culture, and SACHS shocks and clutches are seen as some of the finest OE replacement parts you can buy. On top of this, SACHS are also well respected in motorsport circles, supplying shocks and clutch kits to Craig Lowndes and TeamVortex, as well as many others.

What Makes SACHS the Best for the Everyday Driver?

What Makes SACHS the Best for the Everyday Driver?

Of course, we don’t all drive a V8 Supercar. Nonetheless, SACHS haven’t skimped on delivering the absolute finest parts for every driver who invests in one of their parts. SACHS are all about delivering OE build quality in a huge aftermarket range, with a focus on great performance and incredible, German-engineered reliability. SACHS focuses on the areas of your car which require quality of engineering, build quality and performance above all else.


  • SACHS develop OE quality shock absorbers that suit just about every daily driver
  • SACHS Shocks are set up to suit all manner of daily driving and touring, from commuting and driving in urban areas, to touring and holiday driving on the open road
  • Designed to reflect OE quality and performance, SACHS passenger shocks are designed to provide a similar ride to your stock shock absorbers, with enhanced levels of handling, braking and build quality
  • SACHS also manufacture high quality suspension parts to enhance your driving safety and comfort further, including bump stops, dust covers and strut mounts


  • SACHS manufacture a massive range of clutch kits and flywheels, designed to provide smooth, efficient driving with every change of the gear
  • SACHS clutch kits come with all the required solutions and parts for quick, easy clutch replacements
  • Many SACHS clutches come with SACHS’ latest revolutionary product, the XTend pressure plate with automatic wear compensation
  • Between their OE build quality and XTend technology, SACHS Clutches come with incredible service life that’s identical across every part.

Choosing the Right SACHS Shocks


  • The SACHS Super Touring range is all about lasting the distance and providing uncompromising quality, regardless of conditions
  • Designed for the everyday driver with an emphasis on comfort and everyday reliability, the super touring range provides optimised grip for secured, every day driving whether in the city or the countryside


  • The SACHS Advantage range goes one step further than Super Touring, beefing up the performance characteristics while retaining OE build quality
  • Adding an element of sportiness to the standard driving experience, SACHS Advantage shocks make the perfect choice for cars like the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore
  • Their increased performance enhances just about every part of your handling, including an improvement in braking and control while reducing tyre wear