Choosing the Right Spark Plugs

What do Spark Plugs do?

What do Spark Plugs do?

Spark plugs provide the electrical charge which ignites the fuel and air mixture inside your engine’s combustion chamber. They work incredibly simply. An electrical current is passed through a conductor to an electrode (normally made of some form of conductive metal). A grounding electrode is located opposite, which the current jumps to. In doing this, a spark is generated which ignites your fuel.

What Makes Certain Spark Plugs Different?

What Makes Certain Spark Plugs Different?

While wonderfully simple in design, there are a massive amount of factors that can go into how a spark plug performs inside your engine. Different spark plugs can make a huge difference in how efficiently your fuel/air mixture ignites, while also having a significant impact on your vehicle’s service costs.


  • The electrodes of spark plugs are made from vastly different materials according to your performance and longevity needs
  • Cheaper, standard spark plugs have electrodes made from cheaper metals like copper or nickel alloy
  • High-end spark plugs have electrodes made from precious metals like platinum or iridium, which last longer and conduct electricity better, generating a stronger spark


  • Spark plugs have to put up with fantastic temperatures generated by both their own spark and the heat and pressure of the combustion chamber they sit in
  • Once spark plugs reach optimum temperature, they effectively self-clean
  • Operating at too high a temperature or two low a temperature can both lead to fouling and damage of the spark plug
  • Less powerful engines operate at lower temperatures, and high performance engines run hotter, so ensure you’re getting a spark plug with the correct heat range for your needs


  • Choosing higher quality spark plugs can have a massive effect on the amount you need to change your spark plugs in the long run
  • Standard copper/nickel spark plugs generally have service lives of between 20-40,000km
  • Iridium/platinum spark plugs can boast more than double that, anywhere up to 100,000km of life from a single spark plug!

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