STEDI Driving Lights

If you want to light up the night with the latest LED technology and look good while you do it, then STEDI is the only choice for you. With style to match their performance chops, STEDI’s lights are up to the toughest challenges based on their IP68 production standard. Utilising CREE LED technology paired with cutting-edge design, you'll see farther, easier.
With lights that spread out to 120° wide and out to over a kilometre long, there's no road shoulder or distant corner that won't be lit up like daytime. STEDI lights outmatch traditional lighting setups by up to 180%, so good you’ll be seeing into the future. With mounts and wiring harnesses to support every setup under the sun paired with great bang for your buck, STEDI helps you stand out from the crowd.

Why STEDI Is The Right Choice For You

Why STEDI Is The Right Choice For You
Are you a baller on a budget? Are you building a limitless touring weapon? It doesn't matter! STEDI have a little something for everyone. Snagging a STEDI light bar is an absolute no-brainer, and lets you upgrade your light profile at the same time as giving you an icy new bit of bling to show off.

STEDI's Wide Range Has You Covered

STEDI's Wide Range Has You Covered


If you're after the sleekest, most stylish way to spread light down the highway or a dusty country road at night, nothing compares to an LED light bar. STEDI have given their range a bit of nuance when it comes to their selection: whether it's one of their curved bars to send a powerful beam of light as far as the eye can see, or one of their beefy double-row lightbars to give an unrivalled lumen volume at close range, you'll have the road lit up like Christmas Eve.

The STEDI ST4K is the most versatile of all the light bars in STEDI’s expansive catalogue, producing a brilliant beam that excels in both distance and spread. The technology at the foundation of the ST4K Series is the same powerful tech employed in the popular Type-X Spot Lights. The combination of powerful illumination, incredible distance, and generous spread makes this the natural choice for any driver searching for a single-light solution.

We've got a full light comparison available right here, click for more info.

Then you have the ST3K LED light bar, with its unique low-profile design that still offers the same beam geometry as the beloved ST4K Series. The powerful light bar is ideal for applications where a low-profile setup is called for, or for drivers who prefer a more low-key look on their vehicle.

The STEDI ST2K Light Bar is a showstopper even among STEDI's already impressive range. This one's specifically for drivers who want superior mid-to-long-range illumination but who don't want to deal with the excess near-range light produced by your typical light bar. The incredible amount of light this model produces between 150 and 200m makes it an ideal accessory for high-speed vehicles and for anyone that spends their time at night cruising the highways.

Driving Lights

Unlike lightbars, spot lights are all about how far and how bright they can send light down-range. For anyone upgrading from stock driving lights to a set of premium aftermarket bad boys like the ones from STEDI, the difference is night and day.

STEDI’s spot lights are lightweight, mountable solutions that can take your ride's lighting from zero to 100 real quick. Whether you’re a motorcyclist who loves charging down country roads or a four-wheel driving off-road aficionado, STEDI’s simple yet powerful spotlights are a great way to give yourself unparalleled visibility in the dark.

As with the rest of STEDI's eye-popping range of gear, their selection of driving lights in the Type-X range are more than just tools to see in the dark, they're something you can show off on your next convoy or trip to the shops.

For the driver unwilling to settle for second best, STEDI's Type-X Pro Driving Lights are the only choice. They're the jewel in STEDI's crown and are sure to turn heads day or night, wherever you go. Filled to the gills with high-powered LEDs and built to handle the rough and tumble, the Type-X Pro is the best and brightest that STEDI has to offer.

Getting the top-shelf goodies is one thing, but if you're looking for the combination of power and bang for your buck, you may be better off rocking STEDI's Type-X Sport Driving Lights with a custom external colour ring, interchangeable to suit the exact aesthetic you're after. Combine these two with STEDI's iconic light covers and you've got a look as unique as the rig it's attached to, and one that can be recognised every time it passes by.

We've got everything you need to take your lighting set up to the next level, as well as some test cases in what you can turn your lights into with a little imagination. Take a look at our Project Car, the 200 Series' Lighting, and then dive in and indulge yourself with our huge range of STEDI gear. 


STEDI's selection of worklights features everything you'll need to get the job done, with souped-up lighting solutions packed into compact, stylish housing units. Easily mounted onto roof racks, railings, or just about anywhere else, you'll have the light you need to work around the clock.

Fascia Kits & Switches

If you're like us, you know that tour lighting set up is only as good as the control you have over it, and luckily STEDI has you covered in that department as well. With their sleek, highly aesthetic options for fascia panels, control switches you can build directly into your existing dash, and rocker switches for any winches, UHF radios, and of course your light setup, you'll have mastery over your domain. 

Setting Up Your Vehicle Is Made Easy With

Mounting Options

Your lights are nothing if they're not mounted properly, and thankfully you're never without a firm grip on things with STEDI's exceptional mounting options. Made from high-grade materials that fit seamlessly into your vehicle's exterior aesthetic, you can give your lights the finishing touches they need to either stand out, or blend right in. We've got oodles of mounting options available on site, just click right here to check them out.

Wiring Harnesses

Designed to allow you to quickly and easily install your STEDI lights, allowing you to get out on your next adventure even quicker. Made to suit the most complex lighting systems with ease, these bad boys are jam-packed with microprocessors to take all the thinking out of wiring up your new STEDI lights.

With the right STEDI wiring kit, you can run 2 lights off the same switch & harness and totally customise your lighting set up. Designed with ease of use front of mind and a priority on flying under the radar when it comes to appearances, you can plug and play your way into total control with STEDI. Grab yours here today.

Piggyback Connector Kits

When you upgrade your lights the last thing you want to be spending your time on is splicing and soldering your way to a working set up. STEDI's got that exact experience in mind with their selection of piggyback connector kits, allowing you latch onto your vehicle's stock wiring for a seamless connection with none of the hassle.

LED Conversion Lights

Not everyone's keen on adding new components to their ride. Quite often you like the look of your vehicle, but find the lights don't have the juice you're after. That's where STEDI's LED Conversion Kits come in handy.

These headlight upgrades let you retain the look of your vehicle while still allowing you to crank up the lumens. With a sharper beam and further light penetration, a headlight conversion increases light volume by up to 207% and gives you a set of headlights that will stand the test of time. Upgrade with a set today and never look back.

STEDI Lights: Tough As Nails

Anyone hitting the tracks knows how crucial it is to trust the gear you take on your next adventure, so STEDI have put their best and brightest to work on ensuring their driving lights, spot lights and accessories are up to the challenge of off-roading. Their space-age light housings are backed up by protective glass capable of withstanding ballistic collisions, keeping the precious CREE LEDs inside as safe as houses. 

And to top it all off, STEDI ships each of their lights with a near-impenetrable Ingress Protection rating of IP68, meaning that even if you're 3m underwater, your lights will still be shining bright.


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ST2K Light Bar $260 - $540 8,000 to 16,000

Up to 606m

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ST3K Light Bar $100 - $340 4,900 to 24,600 Up to 721m IP68 Click here
ST4K Light Bar $120 - $470 2,880 to 24,000 Up to 1,050m IP68 Click here
Type-X Pro Driving Lights $670 26,000 Up to 1,150m IP68 Click here
Type-X Sport Driving Lights $430 20,780 Up to 1,050m IP68 Click here
STEDI Worklight $90 - $150 8,000 to 14,440

Up to 450m


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