SuperPro Buying Guide

Who is SuperPro?

Who is SuperPro?

SuperPro are one of Australia’s premier manufacturers of quality suspension parts that well exceed original equipment standards. Their revolutionary technologies have not only changed the way that every day drivers maintain their suspension, but have also proved incredibly popular with performance enthusiasts for use on the track and the street.

How Have SuperPro Helped to Change the Suspension Game?

How Have SuperPro Helped to Change the Suspension Game?

Since their formation over 30 years ago, SuperPro have come up with a massive range of over 5,000 kits and products that have added a new dimension of quality and performance to replacement suspension parts. From their famous poly bushings to their control arms, alignment kits and Roll Control sway bars, SuperPro have been on the constant forefront of technological advancement, revolutionising the materials and techniques that the world’s best companies use for their parts.

Why Choose Polyurethane Bushings?

Polyurethane is the absolute cornerstone of SuperPro’s product range, forming the basis of their famous bushings and mountings. Where other companies product rubber or plastic bushings in the name of value, the benefits of polyurethane bushings far outweigh the small extra cost.


Polyurethane bushings have far higher tolerances to heat, pressure and stress, combining the best qualities of both rubber and plastic bushings into one synthetic polymer. This has made Superpro Poly Bushings incredibly popular with not only motorsport teams and driving enthusiasts, but also daily drivers who want to ensure the ultimate in reliability and performance from their suspension parts.

SuperPro’s Most Popular Ranges

While Sparesbox has thousands of SuperPro products to choose from, getting down to the core of their most popular suspension parts can be tricky. Thankfully, SuperPro have grouped some of their most popular and advanced products into specialised ranges, helping you know when you’re getting parts that are truly best in class.


  • All SuperPro bushings are crafted from proprietary polyurethane, which offers the very best resistance to pressure, temperature and fluids
  • Polyurethane bushings also enjoy longer service lives than their rubber counterparts, as well as the best control over vibration and harshness when driving
  • SuperPro’s bush range stretches across suspension bushes, steering bushes, sway bar bushes and bushing kits for just about every area of your steering and suspension
  • SuperPro also offers the DuroBall vertical pivot buhsing range, which fuse metal alloys and polyurethane into an incredibly strong hybrid technology


  • The SuperPro Supaloy range of control arms uses the latest metal alloys, which offer incredible resistance to flexing, corrosion and stress
  • The lightweight nature of the Supaloy materials keeps your steering and suspension performance as responsive as possible
  • Their incredible resistance to flexing and bending ensures that your wheel alignment is never placed out of whack in high stress driving conditions


  • The SuperPro roll control range is all about maximising grip and handling while minimising body roll in all conditons
  • SuperPro Roll Control caters for those who simply want to improve the handling in their daily drive, as well as track day enthusiasts and avid off-roaders
  • The range includes their famous Roll Control sway bars and sway bar bushes, control arms and roll correction kits