Choosing the right Thunder Battery Charger

Who are Thunder?

You never know what your next adventure will bring, but you can be confident that Thunder will keep you prepared for anything. Thunder aim to make reliable, quality, affordable products for Aussie and Kiwi 4WDers and adventurers that are built for our unique conditions. Thunder live by the mantra that having fun shouldn’t cost you a fortune, but they still have ample products built for professional and industrial application!

What makes Thunder Battery Chargers so great?

A Thunder battery charger will give you to confidence to go places you have never been before – they provide the connection to your weekend escape! Unlike other battery chargers, they are custom-built for harsh outback, cool temperate, and hot tropical climates – they’re ready for any corner of Australia or NZ!

Thunder Battery Chargers don’t just charge your battery. They operate on an eight-phase charging program that allows for the identification of faulty batteries, while also preserving the life of your battery and ensuring maximum charge.

How to pick the right Battery Charger for your vehicle

How to pick the right Battery Charger for your vehicle

Thunder make battery chargers for almost every application, including electric scooters through to boats, not just 4WDs. Before purchasing a Thunder Battery Charger, you will need to consider exactly what you plan on using it for. Here is an overview of your options:

4 Amp 8 Stage Thunder Battery Charger

The Thunder 4A is perfect for people who want a battery charger for small, low-amp recreational and agricultural vehicles. It is suitable for application on 6-70Ah and 100Ah for maintenance (50-200CCA) batteries.

6 Amp 8 Stage Thunder Battery Charger


The 6A Thunder Charger is great for use with smaller recreational vehicles, such as your motorbike. It is suitable for 10-100Ah and 150Ah for maintenance (200 to 350CCA) batteries.

8 Amp 8 Stage Thunder Battery Charger

Built to tackle camping and smaller vehicles, the Thunder 8A Battery Charger is so versatile it can handle most applications that the average 4×4 driver will encounter. Suitable for 15-150Ah and 200Ah for maintenance (350 to 500CCA).

12 Amp 8 Stage Thunder Battery Charger

The Thunder 12A Battery Charger is tough enough to get you out of almost any situation. Designed with RV’s, utility vehicles, sedans and mid-size boats in mind, it is suitable for 20-220Ah and 310Ah for maintenance (500 to 650CCA).

20 Amp 8 Stage Thunder Battery Charger

The Thunder 20A Battery Charger is tough enough for use on large boats, buses, caravans, and semi-trailer vehicles. Suitable for 35-350Ah and 450Ah for maintenance (650 to 800CCA), it is the ideal battery charger for serious enthusiasts and professionals alike. This model even boasts an easy-to-read LED display!

30 Amp 8 Stage Thunder Battery Charger

The Thunder 30A Battery Charger is the most powerful in the Thunder range and is strong enough for large semi-trailer, agricultural vehicle, boat, and bus application. Suitable for 40-550Ah and 650Ah for maintenance (800 to 1,000CCA), the 30Amp battery charger is built for the professional! This model also has the LED display.