Choosing the Right Turbosmart Blow Off Valve

About Turbosmart Blow Off Valves

About Turbosmart Blow Off Valves

Turbosmart Blow Off Valves have been designed to deliver superior performance and OE reliability. Engineered using tough and durable billet aluminium and utilizing cutting edge technology including billet V-band clamp for fast and reliable installation. Whether you’re tuning for street performance, racing or simply looking to increase turbo blow off noise, Turbosmart’s range of Blow Off Valves has got something to suit all applications and purposes.

Type 5 BOVs & BPVs

Engineered for performance & reliability using premium quality materials, Turbosmart Type 5 BOVs provide big flow in a compact, lightweight package.

Supersonic Type 5 BOV

 Ideal for drivers who want to get noticed. The Supersonic range projects the blow off sound synonymous with BOVs.

Dual Port Type 5 BOV/BPV

Four BOVs in one. Can be configured as a Supersonic, Megasonic, Plumb Back or Dual Port BOV as desired.

Plumb Back Type 5 BPV

A fully recirculating valve that is a quiet alternative to the atmospheric BOV. The Plumb Back system vents all excess pressure back into the intake system.

Model Specific Type 5 BOVs & BPV

Made specifically to suit various models. Turbosmart Model Specific Type 5 BOVs & BPVs reduce spool up time from idle and reduce turbo lag between gears for more urgent performance.


Kompact Series BOVs & BPVs

Turbosmart Kompact Series BOVs & BPVs provide greater versatility, high performance and OEM fitment. Designed as a direct bolt-on replacement for factory Bosch or Denso BOVs, the Kompact Series irons out the faults of the OE BOV to ensure superior flow and greater structural integrity under boost.

  • Replaces the weak diaphragm found in Bosch & Denso OE BOVs
  • Billet aluminium construction offers 30PSI of boost handling capacity
  • Universal, Turbo Specific & Make Specific Models
  • Borg Warner EFR & KKK Turbo’s
  • Direct OE fitment
  • Ideal for modified and tuned vehicles

Big Bubba BOVs & BPVs

Big, bold and uncompromising, the Turbosmart Big Bubba BOVs & BPVs are the largest valve in the Turbosmart range. The Big Bubba range features a heavy duty, CNC billet aluminium copy & components and a 52mm (2.05”) hard anodised aluminium two-piece piston.

  • Specifically designed for high boost, big horsepower builds
  • The largest valve in the Turbosmart range
  • CNC billet aluminium construction
  • Threaded vacuum port offers a wide variety of connection methods
  • Suitable for big power turbocharged & supercharged applications

Race Port BOVs

The Turbosmart Race Port BOV is the highest flowing Blow Off Valve in the Turbosmart Range. Engineered to deliver greater performance through faster turbo spool-up from idle and reduced turbo lag between gears.

  • Highest flowing BOV in the Turbosmart range
  • Uncompromising performance for turbocharged vehicles
  • Reduced turbolag and faster spool
  • 46% lighter and 25% smaller than its predecessor

Vee Port PRO BOVs

The Turbosmart Vee Port PRO BOV has been redesigned from the ground up. Engineered for performance, Vee Port PRO BOVs feature a hard anodized aluminium piston and offer higher flow capabilities in a lightweight and compact package.

  • 20% Smaller and 33% Lighter than its predecessor
  • High flow capabilities in a compact package
  • 360-degree swivel vacuum fitting
  • Anodized aluminum piston

BOV Controller

The Turbosmart BOV controller is an electronic device that controls the pressure signal to the Blow Off Valve. The BOV controller has been designed to cause a pressure differential between the piston of the BOV and the cap which will then vent pressure back from the intake system.

  • Ideal for high powered turbocharged vehicles
  • Eliminate compressor surge in high boost and racing turbo diesel engines
  • Specifically designed to suit a range of Turbosmart BOVs