Whiteline Buying Guide

Who is Whiteline?

Who is Whiteline?

Whiteline is Australia's homegrown leader in proper performance suspension products. Locally engineered and yet globally renowned, Whiteline boast an incredible range of suspension parts and kits to suit all manner of popular performance cars.

Whiteline make a massive range of products, for a massive range of vehicles. Catering to Japanese imports, Aussie muscle and Euro touring cars alike, Whiteline are renowned for their sway bar kits, suspension bushes, alignment kits and other suspension parts.

What Makes Whiteline Suspension So Good?

What Makes Whiteline Suspension So Good?

Whiteline have always been forerunners in performance suspension, something which their range and reputation truly reflects. Every Whiteline component is engineered in Australia and tested in high performance conditions to ensure that you're not only getting the best bang for your buck, but the best performance parts available, period. All whiteline sway bar kits are fully adjustable to offer varying degrees of stiffness and torsion, while their bushing, link and adjustment kits also offer incredible versatility from your vehicle's handling.

Whiteline's Product Ranges


Whiteline vehicle kits are tailor-engineered for every specific vehicle to provide a complete suspension overhaul. Whiteline vehicle kits combine their sway bar and essential kits to replace every part of your suspension and deliver better grip, better handling and better control of body roll


Whiteline sway bar kits are the bread and butter of their product range, featuring one of the finest ranges of anti roll bars available on the market today. All of their sway bar kits come with the necessary links for quick and easy installation


Whiteline have a massive range of individual bushes, strut braces and strut top mounts to help sure up every area of your steering and suspension. These smaller parts can have a massive effect in making sure your chassis is adequately reinforced against the stresses and strains of aggressive driving.


Perfect for vehicles sitting on upgraded shocks and springs, that need a little firming up before they're truly track ready. Whiteline essentials kits contain all of the bushings, shackles and bolts that can help stiffen up your suspension, make things lighter, align everything properly and improve your steering geometry