Choosing the Right XFORCE Exhaust System

Who is XFORCE?

Who is XFORCE?

XFORCE is probably the most famous name in Australia's performance exhaust aftermarket. They've long been one of the most trusted names in performance exhaust systems, designed to be easy to install and provide an instant upgrade in both engine performance and sound.

XFORCE are completely Australian based, and every product XFORCE makes is engineered and designed right here down under. As such, XFORCE's range is designed solely for the Australian car market, and caters for all the most common performance cars and 4x4s you'll find on Australian roads.

What are the Benefits of a Performance Exhaust?

What are the Benefits of a Performance Exhaust?

Performance exhausts are all about power, noise and grunt, designed to make your vehicle sound as fast as it goes, and vice versa. Through streamlining the exhaust gases leaving your engine, you're giving your vehicle much more capacity to produce power. A more efficient escape of gas from the exhaust manifold means your engine can draw fresh air in more efficiently.

Most performance exhaust systems also do away with your stock mufflers (which would otherwise reduce the noise created by your exhaust) in favour of high-flow variants, meaning that your performance car will be gifted with a louder, more natural exhaust tone.

What's the Difference Between Exhaust Systems?


  • The most comprehensive performance upgrade for your exhaust
  • Generally replaces the headers, turbo manifold, cat converters, mufflers and piping all in one go
  • Streamlines the entire exhaust system for optimal flow


  • Connects at your vehicle’s stock headers
  • Replaces the catalytic converter, mufflers and piping
  • Streamlines a good deal of exhaust flow without the expense of installing sports headers


  • The most common and price-conscious exhaust upgrade
  • Connects to your vehicle using the stock catalytic converter, replacing the mufflers and piping that follow
  • Gives a modest performance boost by streamlining the air flow as opposed to more restrictive stock tubes and mufflers

Our Range of Exhaust Systems

Due to the added performance benefits that come with a new exhaust system, they have a number of applications on the track, on the road and even off-road. While XFORCE's main game is exhaust systems for some of Australia's most popular performance cars, performance exhaust systems are becoming increasingly popular amongst tradies and 4x4 drivers to give some extra grunt to their vehicles. As such, through Spares Box you can find exhaust systems for vehicles across the board, from the Subaru WRX STi to the Toyota Landcruiser.

XFORCE Exhausts come in a bunch of different ranges, designed to hit different levels of performance and sound. Most vehicles have a 3 or 4 different exhaust systems to suit them, so choosing the line that's best of you will guarantee you get the most out of your investment.


  • Perfect for every day performance cars and passionate drivers
  • A moderate performance upgrade and a modest, discreet sound


  • The first step up the ladder of proper performance exhausts
  • Keeps a moderate sound level, with a high-level performance upgrade


  • Designed for proper performance cars and those you'll find as much on the track as you will on the road
  • A high level performance upgrade, with a louder, more imposing noise


  • The ultimate exhaust upgrade for race cars
  • The highest level of performance with the loudest exhaust sound