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Car Buffers & Polishers


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31 Item(s)

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About Car Buffers & Polishers

Bringing professional detailing to your home, our range of car buffers and polishers allow you to attain a workshop-level experience when cutting, polishing, waxing and finishing your vehicle. Converting the humble household drill into a tool capable of polishing and buffing vehicle surfaces to an incredible shine, these kits will truly bring the game of any passionate detailer up to a whole new level.

Why are Powered Car Buffers & Polishers So Much Better?

Aside from saving on time, there's a good reason while professional detailing workshops prefer powered car polishers and car buffers over traditional elbow grease. Powered buffers and polishers are capable of reaching thousands of RPM, allowing them to cut through all manner of scratches, swirls, oxidation and contminants in a matter of seconds. This reduces a long, tiring job to a simple few sweeps and ensures the most even finish possible across your paintwork.

Our Range of Car Buffers & Polishers

Spares Box's range of car polishers, car buffers and power polishers is formed by three of Meguiars and Mothers' signature ranges: the Mothers Powerball & Mothers Powercone Ranges and the Meguiars Dual Action Power System. Both of these ranges utilise the simple effectiveness of the household drill, offering a number of attachments that clip on simply to it's head and convert it into a portable, powerful polisher. This allows you to achieve truly professional results, without having to pay expensive detailing costs or book your car into a garage.

The versatility and portability of these systems is what make them so good, with a number of different heads, pads and polishes available for both systems. The Mothers Powermetal, Powerball 4Paint and Powerplastic systems all cater to specific finishes and surfaces, while the Meguiars DA Power System comes with a range of waxing, polishing and finishing power pads to suit every stage of the detailing process.

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