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Timing Belts

  1. $72.61
  2. $46.96
  3. $51.24
  4. $46.96
  5. $42.69
  6. $55.51
  7. $60.64
  8. $46.96
  9. $67.48
  10. $102.54
  11. $98.26
  12. $46.96
  13. Dayco Timing Belt 94968

    , Engine Bay
  14. $58.93
  15. $67.48
  16. $51.24
  17. Dayco Timing Belt 94974

    , Engine Bay
  18. Dayco Timing Belt 94975

    Engine Bay, , Fits Nov 2010 - On
  19. Dayco Timing Belt 94976

    , Engine Bay
  20. $76.03
  21. Dayco Timing Belt 94979

    Engine Bay,
  22. Dayco Timing Belt 94980

    Engine Bay
  23. $93.99
  24. $67.48
  25. $46.11
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About Timing Belts

Timing belts are pivotal in making sure your engine is cranking at exactly the right intervals and keeping everything else stable. We understand this need, and in bringing you our range of Timing Belts, here at Spares Box we've made it our goal to make only the world's finest timing belts accessible and available to you at a great price.

How Timing Belts Work

Timing belts essentially control the rotation of your engine's crankshaft and camshaft, controlling the opening and closing of the inlet valves (which allow air and fuel into the cylinder) and the exhaust valves (which allow the gases produced during combustion to escape. As these operations are timed to happen within fractions of a second with no margin for error, the timing belt has an extremely important job in controlling these timings, and a failed timing belt can lead to incredibly costly engine damage. As such, it's always best to invest in a premium belt to make sure you don't have to worry about it again.

Our Range of Timing Belts

In order to provide the absolute best range of timing belts available down under we've gone to Bosch, Gates and Dayco, three of the world's most renowned companies in engine parts and belts. All 3 of these companies boast rich histories in the manufacturing and engineering of precision engine components and automotive parts. Bosch, Dayco and Gates have all made their own revolutionary advancements in engine belt technology, and their product ranges available today consist of some of the most world's reliable, high-performance and dependable timing belts.

As such, all 3 of these companies have produced OE-level timing belts for a huge range of vehicle manufacturers across the world. If your timing belt has gone wrong, you can be sure of a worry free replacement, the most modern option available and unrivalled, reliable performance with either a Bosch, Gates or Dayco timing belt.

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