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Timing Belt Kits


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Items 1 to 240 of 583 total

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About Timing Belt Kits

Your timing belt and pulleys are some of the most important parts in making sure your engine is operating at the right intervals. While replacing your timing belt itself is important, many engines often need the pulleys and tensioners replaced too, something our great range of timing belt kits bring together conveniently in one place.

How Timing Belt Kits Work

Timing belt kits contain all the parts, pulleys and tensioners that are required to run your engine at its most efficient. These kits generally contain one or two high quality timing belts and whatever belt tensioners and pulleys are required for your vehicle's engine to run properly. All of these come together to control the movement and timing of your engines camshaft, which in turn controls the opening and closing of your engine's intake and exhaust valves. A high quality timing belt set up will ensure your engine is firing at the optimum timing, reducing the chance of misfiring and optimising both power and fuel economy.

Our Range of Timing Belt Kits

Spares Box carries a huge range of timing belt kits from 2 of the world leaders in timing belt, tensioner and engine pulley production, Gates and Bosch. Gates are the world's largest manufacturer of OEM timing belts, providing timing belt and timing belt kits to millions of drivers every year, as well as supplying quality parts to vehicle manufacturers across the world. Bosch have a similar reputation, manufacturing one of the world's largest ranges of engine components and car parts for drivers across the globe.

All of our timing belt kits come with the best quality timing belts, made from the finest materials across every layer to guarantee the ultimate in reliability and performance. These are brought together with the absolute best heavy duty engine pulleys, bolts and tensioners, all designed to truly last the distance and afford your engine thousands of kilometres of reliable, efficient running.

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