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Air Flow Meters & MAF Sensors


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Items 1 to 240 of 704 total

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About Air Flow Meters & MAF Sensors

As you may have already guessed, air flow meters monitor the amount of air going into your engine, allowing the fuel system to operate as efficiently as possible.

How Air Flow Meters Work

An air flow meter does literally what it says in the name, meaning it measures the flow of air coming into the engine. When more air is coming into the engine, the meter will tell your engine to inject more or less petrol to compensate, which in turn ensures your vehicle is burning the optimum amount of fuel to deliver the best performance and reduced emissions. A working air flow meter will allow your engine to run on the optimum blend of fuel and air, maximising it's output while minimising its consumption of fuel.

Being one of the sensors in your engine that often is made up of moving parts, air flow meters are more prone to wear and failure than many other engine sensors. By failing to help your engine optimise its fuel injection, a failed air flow meter can significantly hinder engine performance while also leading to costly emissions and dramatically reduced fuel economy. As such, it's vital that your air flow meter is correctly installed and working at full function every time you turn on your engine.

Our Range of Air Flow Meters

Spares Box stocks a great range of value air flow meters from Fuelmiser, as well as premium options from AFI, Bosch and HELLA. All of these air flow meters are precision built and engineered to be fully compatible with your vehicle's ECU system, and will deliver true OE performance so your vehicle's engine can perform as the manufacturer intended. With premium build quality across the board, you can also be sure that these air flow meters will last the distance for years of reliable performance.