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Knock Sensors


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About Knock Sensors

Engine knock occurs when the fuel/air mixture injected into your engine doesn't combust properly, creating a metallic ping or 'knocking' sound that's familiar to many seasoned drivers. While a common issue in older engines and vehicles using low octane fuels, engine knock can lead to worse things down the track, meaning a good knock sensor is vital in just about any engine.

How Knock Sensors Work

Engine knock essentially occurs when pockets of air and fuel within your engine's combustion chambers spontaneously combust of their own accord, rather than doing so when your engine is timed to fire it's spark plugs. While engine knock may not seem like a particularly pressing issue, it can be a gateway to more serious engine problems down the line. Failure to act upon a knocking engine can lead to serious engine damage, as one of the effects of engine knock is a massive spike in engine cylinder heat. In turn, severe knocking can actually blow holes in your pistons and engine cylinders, leading to catastrophic engine failure.

The knock sensor is designed to counteract this. Monitoring the spikes in cylinder pressure caused by engine knock, the knock sensor can pick up on when your engine is detonating, telling the ECU to adjust the ignition timing to compensate for it. This is absolutely vital in stopping any cases of engine knock from becoming more severe than they need to, and also in allowing you the time to get onto the cause of your knocking engine sooner rather than later.

Our Range of Knock Sensors

To make sure you get onto engine knock quickly, check out our premium and value ranges of knock sensors from respected companies AFI, Bosch, Fuelmiser and HELLA. All of our knock sensors are manufactured to OE standards, ensuring that your vehicle gets the best protection that's approved by vehicle manufacturers worldwide.