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Bonnet & Tailgate Struts

  1. Monroe Max Lift Gas Strut ML4543

    Vehicle Tailgate
  2. $69.95
  3. Monroe Max Lift Gas Strut ML1121

    Vehicle Tailgate, Excluding Lowered Suspension
  4. $104.95
  5. Monroe Max Lift Gas Strut ML4413

    Vehicle Hatch Door, 3 door, 4 door, 5 door
  6. Monroe Max Lift Gas Strut ML2413

    Boot, Beam Rear Axle (Excluding Country Pack and Lowered Suspension)
  7. Monroe Max Lift Gas Strut ML2111

    Vehicle Tailgate, Excluding Country Pack and Lowered Suspension
  8. Monroe Max Lift Gas Strut ML4412

    Vehicle Hatch Door, 3 and 5 door
  9. Monroe Max Lift Gas Strut ML1332

    Bonnet, With Self Leveling Suspension
  10. $92.95
  11. $82.95
  12. $131.95
  13. Monroe Max Lift Gas Strut ML1123

    Boot, Excluding Lowered and Self Leveling Suspension
  14. $66.95
  15. Monroe Max Lift Gas Strut ML1222

    Vehicle Hatch Door
  16. $66.95
  17. Monroe Max Lift Gas Strut ML4615

    Vehicle Tailgate, FZJ, HZJ105R (Excluding I.F.S.)
  18. $70.95
  19. Monroe Max Lift Gas Strut ML4407

    Vehicle Hatch Door
  20. $158.95
  21. $131.95
  22. $156.95
  23. Monroe Max Lift Gas Strut ML4647

    Vehicle Hatch Door, ZZT231 2.2ltr SX, ZR
  24. $65.95
  25. Monroe Max Lift Gas Strut ML1122

    Bonnet, Excluding Lowered and Self Leveling Suspension
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About Bonnet & Tailgate Struts

Bonnet and tailgate supports help in lifting your car's bonnet and tailgate and let it stay there once it has been opened. Sparesbox carries a broad array of bonnet and tailgate struts from Monroe and Superpro, some of the finest brands in the automotive industry.

What do Bonnet & Tailgate Struts do?

Bonnet and tailgate struts ensure optimum comfort and convenience when it comes to opening your car's bonnet and boot. Making use of pressurised gas with mineral oil, these struts dampen the hood so that it can open gradually and compress easily while closing.

Assisting you in lifting the heavy lid, they also help in keeping the tailgate and bonnet there once opened. These support struts have a compact design and light weight material, making it ideal for mid weight applications. Bonnet Buffers and Tailgate Bumper Bushes act as a protective layer between the car and struts and also stop the bonnet from damaging the painted surfaces of your car.

Why is Timely Replacement of Bonnet & Tailgate Struts Crucial?

It can be a massive pain if something goes wrong with the struts that keep your bonnet and tailgate supported. While they offer optimum support to the heavy bonnet and boot, they also make sure that those hefty things don’t fall on your head.

Since a lot of burden lies on these support struts, they tend to wear out and lose their ability to hold compression. Don't risk a hard knock on your head and replace your car's bonnet and tailgate support once you notice it no longer stays open by itself.

Our Range of Bonnet & Tailgate Struts

At Sparesbox, we stock an extensive range of premium Monroe bonnet and tailgate supports to keep everything working smoothly. Manufactured to the highest industry standards, the bonnet and tailgate supports from Monroe will provide reliability and longevity. Our bonnet buffers and tailgate bumper bushes from Superpro are also sure to offer superior performance. The gas struts supplied are heavy duty and will fit a wide variety of cars.