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    About Additives

    Additives can help boost the performance and efficiency of your vehicle in a number of ways, and Spares Box carries a wide range of engine, fuel and gearbox additives and cleaners to help everything run as it should.

    How can Additives Help My Vehicle?

    While your engine oil does a great job of cleaning your vehicle's internals on an everyday basis, the task keeping engines running as smoothly as possible and ageing gracefully often falls to the wide range of engine additives available through stores like Spares Box. A wide range of engine additives are available to effectively clean and lubricate all areas of your vehicle's motor, from the point of injection right through to the exhaust. Fuel system cleaners and injector cleaners work to to strip away the build ups on your vehicle's fuel injection system, while engine oil flushes help to remove any sediment and sludge that's built up within your engine oil before you change your vehicle's oil.

    Additives also play an important role in keeping other areas of your vehicle healthy. Nulon provide a great range of cooling system flushes and coolant additives to help clean and rejuvenate your entire cooling system and radiators, as well as gearbox and transmission fluids to help keep your gears in the best condition possible.

    Our Range of Additives

    Our range comes from Nulon, Australia's leader in automotive fluids and additives, and includes fuel octane booster, fuel injector cleaner, diesel injector cleaner, oil flush, and additives to help stop transmission, coolant and engine leaks. Regardless of your vehicle, whether it runs diesel or petrol, manual or automatic, old or new, you're bound to find a Nulon additive that will help it live a long, healthy life. Nulon also crafts a wide range of fuel additives, octane boosters and refreshers to help improve your engine's performance and efficiency, stop the production of smoke and decrease engine knocking in older vehicles.

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