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Pressure Washers & High Pressure Cleaners

  1. $127.95
  2. Kincrome Pressure Sprayer 2L K16012


    Originally $18.95




  3. Kincrome Spot Sprayer 12V 37L K16000


    Originally $218.95




  4. $51.95
  5. Kincrome Pressure Washer Diesel 11Hp K16202


    Originally $2,339.95




  6. $379.90


  7. $482.75


  8. $120.65


  9. $103.65


  10. Kincrome Backpack Sprayer 15L K16015


    Originally $110.95




  11. Kincrome Pressure Washer 7Hp K16201


    Originally $1,244.95




  12. Kincrome Nozzle Set To Fit K16202 5pc K16208


    Originally $52.95




  13. Kincrome Pressure Washer 6.5Hp K16200


    Originally $999.95




  14. $103.65


  15. Kincrome Nozzle Set To Fit K16200/01 5pc K16207


    Originally $52.95




  16. $34.80


  17. Kincrome Pressure Sprayer 5L K16013


    Originally $42.95




  18. Toledo Pressure Sprayer Pump Action 1L 305153


    Originally $47.95




  19. Toledo Pressure Sprayer Pump Action 2L 305154


    Originally $61.95




  20. $174.20


  21. $327.20


  22. $284.95
  23. $229.95
  24. $149.95

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About Pressure Washers & High Pressure Cleaners

How Pressure Washers Work

Also known as high pressure cleaners, pressure washers work by forcing water at an extremely high pressure into the desired area you'd like to clean. The pressure of this water is often localised in a very small area, cleaning and scaling the area of any tough contaminants and grime. While pressure washers often contain detergent bottles to use with soap, they are sometimes powerful enough to clean most surfaces without the use of soap at all.

How Pressure Washers Can Help You in the Garage

Garage and workshop floors regularly cop the brunt of some of the worst grease, grime and dirt that can build up underneath vehicles every day. Cleaning this off effectively isn't just a matter of keeping your workspace looking clean and tidy, but due to the slippery and uneven nature of these materials, keeping a clean garage floor can also be a matter of safety. As such, while it may not necessarily be a daily necessity, having a good pressure washer around to get the absolute worst off of your garage floor can be extremely handy in the long run.

Our Range of High Pressure Cleaners

Spares Box carries a great choice of electric pressure washers from Jetpower, who are one of Australia's leaders in air compressors and pressure cleaners. Suitable for use on all surfaces, including the tough-to-clean areas of your vehicle, these pressure cleaners come with all the accessories and features to make your heavy duty cleaning experience as quick, easy and trouble-free as possible.

Every pressure cleaner we sell comes with high quality hosing and fittings to suit numerous applications, and is powered by a high quality carbon-brushed motor for the ultimate in efficient, reliable power. Saving the need for heavy petrol pressure washers, all of our pressure cleaners are electric powered and come with waterproof, safety-approved fittings for both portability and safety.

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